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AIM- Shortee3669, Idiot tried to scam me. LMAO


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Him and his little friend(GraphicImpulse73) are wannabe scammers. They sit next to each other and work together scamming people. One checks the Password on your account. While the other is busy changing their own password to a different one. They failed scamming me because they suck. Watch out for them.

When they fail at scamming they start accusing you of scamming them. Just because they are angry that you have out smarted them.

Shortee3669 and GraphicImpulse73= Scammers
Do Not Trade with them!


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This is my defense...
This kid is a no good (obvious) scammer...

xFourWheeler17: Hi
xFourWheeler17: I have a 60 Undead Priest
Shortee3669: on somolderhorn?
xFourWheeler17: yea
Shortee3669: for my Paladin?
xFourWheeler17: yea
Shortee3669: reallly?
xFourWheeler17: yea, lol
Shortee3669: sweet
xFourWheeler17: I want a PLD
Shortee3669: can you wisper my friend to verify you own it
Shortee3669: whisper "Tankatron"
xFourWheeler17: .........
xFourWheeler17: no time is on it
xFourWheeler17: I got pics tho
Shortee3669: what guild u in?
xFourWheeler17: Not in a guild currently, just becuase I want to trade
Shortee3669: can you name some guilds?
Shortee3669: put 1 month on the priest and ill trade
Shortee3669: my pally has 2 months on it
Shortee3669: just added
xFourWheeler17: hmmm
xFourWheeler17: I don't know If I want be charged that much, you might change your mind
xFourWheeler17: Would you like pics of my Priest?
Shortee3669: i wont change my mind lol
Shortee3669: anyone can get screenshots lol
Shortee3669: screenshots dont show real proof
Shortee3669: ok...show me some screenshots
Shortee3669 wants to directly connect.
xFourWheeler17 declines request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
xFourWheeler17: You gotta open them urself
Shortee3669: ?
xFourWheeler17 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Adam\My Documents\download\shortee3669\WoWScrnShot_ 091705_140352.tga.
Shortee3669 received C:\Documents and Settings\Adam\My Documents\download\shortee3669\WoWScrnShot_ 091705_140352.tga.
Shortee3669: is that the only one you have?
xFourWheeler17 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Adam\My Documents\download\shortee3669\WoWScrnShot_ 091705_140506.tga.
Shortee3669 received C:\Documents and Settings\Adam\My Documents\download\shortee3669\WoWScrnShot_ 091705_140506.tga.
xFourWheeler17: not sure if that one is even different
Shortee3669: anymore?
xFourWheeler17 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Adam\My Documents\download\shortee3669\WoWScrnShot_ 091705_140421.tga.
Shortee3669 received C:\Documents and Settings\Adam\My Documents\download\shortee3669\WoWScrnShot_ 091705_140421.tga.
Shortee3669: a couple more
Shortee3669: looks good so far
xFourWheeler17: all I got
Shortee3669: I would trade with you so fast...but the problem still stands...
Shortee3669: i have no way to add money to the acccount...
xFourWheeler17: I can buy you a gamecard after trade?
Shortee3669: If you could put 1 month on it...You already have 2 months paid for on my paladin
Shortee3669: how long would taht take?
xFourWheeler17: let me check
xFourWheeler17: I got a friend who's sellin one
xFourWheeler17: 60 day
Shortee3669: right now?
xFourWheeler17: yea
Shortee3669: so u can give me the card now as we trade?
xFourWheeler17: yea
Shortee3669: ok...
Shortee3669: put time in the priest
Shortee3669: and send my friend a wisper...
xFourWheeler17: no
Shortee3669: and we will be set
xFourWheeler17: I'll give you the card after we trade
xFourWheeler17: so I know you won't change your mind, lol
Shortee3669: ok...if we are doing it like that...Can i get your info first then? To make sure it does work...
Shortee3669: Im not trying to scam anyone...
Shortee3669: Obviously if i was a scammer i would say trading a 60 not a 53
xFourWheeler17: is the PLD your original account?
Shortee3669: Yes
Shortee3669: I have the question
Shortee3669: CDKey
xFourWheeler17: ok
xFourWheeler17: me to
xFourWheeler17: let's do this at the same time
Shortee3669: ok
xFourWheeler17: my account name- tr1ps
xFourWheeler17: whats urs?
Shortee3669: therage36'
Shortee3669: therage36**
xFourWheeler17: on the count of 3, give pass's
xFourWheeler17: 1
xFourWheeler17: 2
Shortee3669: wait 1 sec
xFourWheeler17: ?
Shortee3669: ok
Shortee3669: ready?
xFourWheeler17: ok
xFourWheeler17: on 3
xFourWheeler17: 1
xFourWheeler17: 2
xFourWheeler17: 3
Shortee3669: trading123
xFourWheeler17: pass- codeman
xFourWheeler17: codeman43
Shortee3669: not working
Shortee3669: dont try to scam me...
Shortee3669: lol
Shortee3669: nice try
xFourWheeler17: ?
Shortee3669: your info didnt work
xFourWheeler17: why didnt you say so?
Shortee3669: ?
xFourWheeler17: i didnt see you say it didnt work
Shortee3669: since your already didnt work...
Shortee3669: give me urs...if it works...i give u mine
xFourWheeler17: ?
Shortee3669: ok...im done with this trade...obviously your a scammer
xFourWheeler17: no wait
xFourWheeler17: I'm sorry
xFourWheeler17: I didnt even know my pass was wrong
xFourWheeler17: what did I say my pass was?
Shortee3669: codeman43
xFourWheeler17: I typed it wrong
Shortee3669: k
Shortee3669: so what would it be?
xFourWheeler17: let's do this again
xFourWheeler17: so it's more fair
xFourWheeler17: that was my mistak
xFourWheeler17: I made a typo
Shortee3669: dude...
Shortee3669: you give me your info...
Shortee3669: if its right
xFourWheeler17: it was not intentional
Shortee3669: you get mine
xFourWheeler17: thats not fair for me
Shortee3669: well....dont mess up...
Shortee3669: these kind of things are fragile
xFourWheeler17: I will not this time
xFourWheeler17: i made a tiny typo
Shortee3669: there is no second chance
xFourWheeler17: so you dont want to trade?
Shortee3669: i do...but you already made a mistake
Shortee3669: and i lost my trust
Shortee3669: ok...fine
Shortee3669: 1 more time
xFourWheeler17: on the count of 3
xFourWheeler17: both give at the same time
xFourWheeler17: get ur pass ready
xFourWheeler17: if you do not give your apss after mine, I will change mine
Shortee3669: k
Shortee3669: 1 sec
Shortee3669: ready?
xFourWheeler17: yea
Shortee3669: ur account name is : tr1ps? right
xFourWheeler17: yes
Shortee3669: mine is therage36
Shortee3669: k...ready
xFourWheeler17: 1
xFourWheeler17: 2
xFourWheeler17: 3
Shortee3669: trading111
xFourWheeler17: codeman54
Shortee3669: lol
xFourWheeler17: wrong lol
Shortee3669: nice try again scammer
xFourWheeler17: you to bud
Shortee3669: i changed mine faster than you could change it
xFourWheeler17: yea right
Shortee3669: i dont scam
Shortee3669: ill add ur name to scammer slist
Shortee3669: and ur IP
xFourWheeler17: u couldnt have checked man,and changed urs that quick
Shortee3669: really?
Shortee3669: my friend is right here
Shortee3669: checked urs
Shortee3669: didnt work
xFourWheeler17: yea
xFourWheeler17: right
Shortee3669: i changed mine
Shortee3669: lol
xFourWheeler17: your a hacker
xFourWheeler17: I'm reporting you on Markee