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aim "paperbowser1337"


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Not sure if this is the member "paperbowser" so I will wait a few days to throw neg. feedback, but heres how it went.
Only one card I lost, and good thing I saved myself from 2 lost

PaperBowser1337 (6:19:06 PM): hey
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:40:03 PM): hey
PaperBowser1337 (6:40:11 PM): hello, you have a gamecard?
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:40:17 PM): yessum, i do
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:40:22 PM): several
PaperBowser1337 (6:40:39 PM): what were you looking in exchange for them? how much?
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:40:48 PM): $22
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:40:59 PM): uhhh, didnt think much into exchanges
PaperBowser1337 (6:41:10 PM): could you link your markee account please, with the reputation showing
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:41:27 PM): sure
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:41:28 PM): 1 sec
PaperBowser1337 (6:41:32 PM): alright
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:42:01 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/175744/an/0/page/0#175744 theres feedback, with me posting
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:42:19 PM): logging in now
PaperBowser1337 (6:42:42 PM): alright, would you like me to link my reputation page?
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:42:46 PM): sure
PaperBowser1337 (6:43:39 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/7142
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:43:52 PM): looking for my user atm lol
PaperBowser1337 (6:44:09 PM): i currently have one negative, from someone who is unknown on this site, but the others speak for themselves
PaperBowser1337 (6:45:31 PM): alright, would you be willing to give out the gamecard first, since i have more positive feedback?
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:45:59 PM): well, bah why not
PaperBowser1337 (6:46:01 PM): so i could also verify
PaperBowser1337 (6:46:08 PM): alright
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:46:52 PM): it is $22 to [email protected]
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:46:55 PM): lemme scratch the card now
PaperBowser1337 (6:47:01 PM): alright
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:47:50 PM): alright
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:48:04 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/6818
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:48:08 PM): oh yeah, theres my member jank
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:48:40 PM): 3885-863098-81636-613859-6951
PaperBowser1337 (6:48:49 PM): verifiying
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:48:58 PM): lemme know if i mis-typed
PaperBowser1337 (6:49:52 PM): alright it worked, i was gonna buy two though
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:49:58 PM): oh ok
PaperBowser1337 (6:50:00 PM): 44
PaperBowser1337 (6:50:07 PM): right?
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:50:09 PM): mind sending 22 first?
PaperBowser1337 (6:50:13 PM): sure
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:50:14 PM): then 22 for the card after
PaperBowser1337 (6:50:17 PM): kk
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:50:24 PM): great
dArOmEdArKaZ (6:51:37 PM): paypal = [email protected]
PaperBowser1337 (6:51:44 PM): yeah ive got it
PaperBowser1337 signed off at 6:51:47 PM.


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Hey man Sorry about your lose....
But Yes its The same Paperbrowser as the Markeedragon one. Look him up and look in his sig with the matching aims /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I peged him as a scammer trying to use his rep!

I seen thru that guys crap and if you like to read some it here ya go:
Session Start (mdtherev:paperBowser1337): Fri Sep 22 18:22:19 2006
[18:22] PaperBowser1337: hello
[18:23] MD therev: hi
[18:23] PaperBowser1337: you are looking for a troll hunter?
[18:23] MD therev: yes sir. and if its not transferable or on pvp server im not even looking
[18:24] MD therev: Not to be rude lol
[18:24] PaperBowser1337: you dont want it if its on a pvp server?
[18:24] MD therev: and if its not transferable or on pvp = if its on pve or rp etc i dont want it
[18:24] PaperBowser1337: well its a 60 blue geared troll hunter, transferable on a pvp server
[18:24] MD therev: And what are you asking for it?
[18:25] PaperBowser1337: ugh i was hoping for a gamecard and the ud mage you were offering
[18:25] MD therev: ok np. Can we do ingame?
[18:25] PaperBowser1337: if you can add like an hour on a CC to gametime i dont know how ppl do it, but ive always got offers for it
[18:26] PaperBowser1337: also ive got like 9 pos feedback so i can link feedback if you want
[18:26] PaperBowser1337: comes with a sorta- epic pally too
[18:27] MD therev: Whats your name on markee?
[18:27] PaperBowser1337: paperbowser
[18:27] MD therev: and is the pally xferable?
[18:27] PaperBowser1337: the pally is xferable
[18:27] PaperBowser1337: on a pvp server
[18:27] PaperBowser1337: original owner, SQ/A
[18:28] MD therev: And how do you feel about real info swap?
[18:28] PaperBowser1337: real info swap?
[18:28] MD therev: Name address phone number?
[18:29] MD therev: hmm
[18:29] PaperBowser1337: i dont usually feel comfortable.
[18:29] MD therev: Avenguard Negative 09/01/06 scammed me for a wow game card said hed get me a cd key still havent gotten it
[18:29] PaperBowser1337: yeah.....look at his rep too =\
[18:29] PaperBowser1337: and without noobian i couldnt get it removed
[18:29] MD therev: And you dont want to give real info would be 2 flags.
[18:30] PaperBowser1337: i guess.....
[18:30] MD therev: Isnt noobian kick for being a bad mod?
[18:30] PaperBowser1337: what about the other 9 positive
[18:30] PaperBowser1337: idk im not on the site much
[18:30] MD therev: other pos is Past. The most recent is this month the last one is 2 months ago
[18:30] PaperBowser1337: but he used to have a post up with 'E mail me to get your neg feedback removed, if it is not legit'
[18:30] MD therev: Scammers use there postives for scamming. How long you been on markee?
[18:31] PaperBowser1337: a year or so
[18:31] PaperBowser1337: im not that active though
[18:31] MD therev: oh i see 8/27/05
[18:31] PaperBowser1337: indeed
[18:31] MD therev: Well, Since you wont give out info. And Gamecard is unretrivialable (misspelled)
[18:32] PaperBowser1337: alright, i understand its risky
[18:32] MD therev: Can we do this? We trade accounts first. Once my xfer is complete I give you gamecard?
[18:32] PaperBowser1337: uhh, -_- that is just so easy for me to get screwed over
[18:32] MD therev: Of course i have to buy it but shattered crystal sends to me in like 5 mins
[18:32] PaperBowser1337: not to be mean
[18:33] MD therev: Well, Np. Then its to risky and by that i say we dont do this. I suggest you should do all your checks etc before contacting becuase People (real traders & legit) have no problems swaping RL info etc.
[18:34] PaperBowser1337: gamecard first, or some other way....seems kinda messed up, if i were to give you all the info....you transfer the stuff off the account, and i wait for you to give the gamecard
[18:34] MD therev: lol Gamecard first , Yeh nice try buddy.
[18:34] PaperBowser1337: ....gamecard first doesnt always mean the person is a scammer....
[18:35] PaperBowser1337: ive been on this site for a year.......and ive seen scammers come and go
[18:35] MD therev: But Its easy to give gamecard and the person taking off. I am not new to the scene.
[18:35] MD therev: Sorry Ill pass. My Being real cuatious has saved me from being scamm so long i trust my judgement. Sorry.
[18:35] PaperBowser1337: alright, i respect your choice
[18:36] MD therev: Not to mention you havethat NEG saying you scammed a GC already then sk for it first. Doesnt look good.
[18:36] PaperBowser1337: yeah i understand
[18:36] PaperBowser1337: makes me seem worse than i am, i see how bad it looks
[18:37] MD therev: Yeh, and When someone hits 3 red flags with me, I dont deal /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif you may be the most honest in the world.
[18:37] PaperBowser1337: a good system, just makes me uncomfortable, to give out personal information, to someone ive never met, online
[18:38] MD therev: Thats Understandble. But There are some good trading facters that apply.
[18:38] MD therev: They have those Trading facts on the website /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Even though i done that before most of em were there.
[18:39] PaperBowser1337: alright, take care
[18:39] MD therev: Likewise.
Session Close (PaperBowser1337): Fri Sep 22 18:39:12 2006

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And of course Like i always do:
First half:

Second half:

So yeh I guessed it right I was his attempt before you i guess.