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AIM: OWned8744


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Owned8744: yo
SubliMe0392: sup
Owned8744: nm.
Owned8744: i have a full t2 rogue
Owned8744: Undead
SubliMe0392: OOO
SubliMe0392: I WA?NT
Owned8744: EST Server
Owned8744: lol
SubliMe0392: PvP?
Owned8744: But its frozen
Owned8744: yes
SubliMe0392: Nvm
Owned8744: ?
SubliMe0392: Unfreeze it and we talk
Owned8744: ok.
Owned8744: what do u have
Owned8744: ?
Owned8744: hiuh?
SubliMe0392: A warlock
SubliMe0392: C'thun raiding guild
Owned8744: What
Owned8744: gear
Owned8744: ?
SubliMe0392: lemme get a profile
SubliMe0392: http://ctprofiles.net/1380127
Owned8744: kk
Owned8744: nice
SubliMe0392: ya, shes a beauty
Owned8744: she?
SubliMe0392: ya
SubliMe0392: profile name, server, gender r false
Owned8744: it says make
Owned8744: Why?
SubliMe0392: So I keep the idenity hidden
SubliMe0392: Unless I know were doing serious buisness
Owned8744: mmk
SubliMe0392: whats ur markee name btw
Owned8744: i dont have one anymore had one with 8 pos feedback but noobian scammed me and ci sused at em
Owned8744: ANd he banned it
SubliMe0392: ah
SubliMe0392: well activate the rogue
SubliMe0392: or else i dont believe you and i think ur a scammer
Owned8744: Wanna trial?
Owned8744: each others accounts
SubliMe0392: Sure.
Owned8744: /
Owned8744: ok right when i activate
Owned8744: We will say info on
Owned8744: 3k
SubliMe0392: k
Owned8744: On 3**
SubliMe0392: actually
SubliMe0392: you show me in game first
Owned8744: Wait
Owned8744: U have full t2?
SubliMe0392: Missing 1 piece
Owned8744: Oh
SubliMe0392: You saw my profile
SubliMe0392: Is this your "Excuse" to back out because you dont own the rogue?
Owned8744: huh?
SubliMe0392: nvm
SubliMe0392: Just activate it and show me in game, you seem very fishy right now
SubliMe0392: ok?
Owned8744: shure
SubliMe0392: how long it gonna take?
Owned8744 signed off at 3:16:31 PM.


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If you type : Owned8744 in search Keyword and set it for a year you get a lot of results /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Noobian also didn't ban him cuz he can't.


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this same guy was IMing me earlier today trying to offer 4 level 60s for my mage...glad i didnt accept it /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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This is the same guy who tried to scam me two days ago. he said if i would lvl a rogue 1-60 and buy him a CD key he would give me his epic mage. Then after bout 10 minutes i got him to admit he was an actual scammer. i was tlaking to noobian the whole time lol.