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AIM name "WakeBoardr4lif" Scammer/Griefer, beware


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Well I'm including a log of the chat but this guy was suspicious right off the bat with the childish spelling errors and "no gametime" or equipment explanation. I told him off albeit a bit rudely, but then out of nowhere I get a negative feedback today (I'm guessing from this person on AIM, seeing how I've never scammed). Beware, he's a confirmed griefer (my 1 negative feedback shall haunt me until Noobian removes it =\) and possibly a scammer.

WakeBoardr4lif (9:57:19 PM): u want a mannoroth char
SemperFidelisO6 (9:57:26 PM): maybe
WakeBoardr4lif (9:57:30 PM): i have a priest
SemperFidelisO6 (9:57:31 PM): for my 60 shaman you mean right
WakeBoardr4lif (9:57:36 PM): yea!
WakeBoardr4lif (9:57:42 PM): ill trade
SemperFidelisO6 (9:58:47 PM): what gear and such it got
SemperFidelisO6 (9:58:59 PM): and alliance or horde
WakeBoardr4lif (9:59:10 PM): allaince
WakeBoardr4lif (9:59:27 PM): he got MC priest gear
SemperFidelisO6 (9:59:38 PM): i need to see in game then
WakeBoardr4lif (9:59:49 PM): nah i cant i got no time damn
WakeBoardr4lif (9:59:59 PM): no deal then
SemperFidelisO6 (9:59:59 PM): listen kid, don't even try to scam me
SemperFidelisO6 (10:00:07 PM): I'm a lot smarter than you
WakeBoardr4lif (10:00:11 PM): i just got scammed buddy
SemperFidelisO6 (10:00:21 PM): Funny because you're listed as a scammer in Markee's forums
SemperFidelisO6 (10:00:24 PM): as well as wowcentral
WakeBoardr4lif (10:00:27 PM): What1
WakeBoardr4lif (10:00:29 PM): omg
WakeBoardr4lif (10:00:32 PM): i swear
WakeBoardr4lif (10:00:33 PM): call me
WakeBoardr4lif (10:00:37 PM): wanna talk on phon
WakeBoardr4lif (10:00:41 PM): i aint no scammer
WakeBoardr4lif (10:00:45 PM): i swear

Cut out my last line as it was an inapropriate remark on my part.