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Aim: lidarim1337 is a scammer


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Lidarim1337: hi
Oilerspwnu: hey
Lidarim1337: you have a wow tbc key for sale?
Oilerspwnu: yea i still have it
Lidarim1337: heres my current feedback page
Lidarim1337: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/10254
Lidarim1337: yours says you are sharing IP with someone?
Oilerspwnu: my bro
Lidarim1337: mmm
Lidarim1337: would you allow me to verify the key first?
Lidarim1337: since i have more positive feedback
Oilerspwnu: nope i have been scammed with someone who had 10 rep
Oilerspwnu: if ur not willing to pay first no trade
Oilerspwnu: im sick of getting scammed
Lidarim1337: [censored]
Lidarim1337: i was gonna scam you too
Lidarim1337 signed off at 9:17:14 PM.

Well he said it himself

Lidarim - Banned

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
dont trade with anyone who isent Lidarim on aim becouse if its anything different im sure your gunna get scammed theres been like 5 different aim names trying to copy mine