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we exchanged info he signed off aim luckily im not an idiot and i was at the account password page so all i did was hit change passwrd and thats it anyway his profile says

Sara Bernadette Huntsman is the girl i love
Ill be there for her when push comes to shove
There comes a time when all must know
That i love that girl like WHOA
Your perfect in about a million ways
Id wait for you for a billion days
Well be together and till were old and gray
Because we both know that i wont stray
I love you more than you'll ever know
and you love how my rhymed just went Flow

what a queer bait. he says he had a 59 alli rogue anyway i logged onto my other aim and sure enough he was on so he blocked my other name. hes a noob scammer so watch out! please i would copy paste convo but i lost it when i logged off and onto my other name.