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AIM = KrzyMc001


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KrzyMc001 scammed me of 215 USD.


Post: [censored] scammer. I paid 215 USD for the account, he accepted the payment through paypal and never gave me the account. I had a person from this forums talk to him and he tried to sell it to that person too. BIG FKN SCAMMER.

The character he tried to sell me: http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?1566687

His email is: [email protected]
His name is: Mani Zochor (according to paypal)

I have filed a claim against him with Paypal.


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yes he scammed me out of 300 dollars

his paypal email i payed to is [email protected]

his aim is KrzyMc001 and he has another aim masteroi0

this guy is bad news i frooze funds instantly and he tried to get me to un freeze them by saying he wanted to refund me cause he felt bad which is bs he knows once some one lifts a complaint you can not open another one threw paypal and he would be home free.

watch for thim hes a total dutch