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aim Kingofdrifts scammer


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RAVENXIE8 (16:34:24): i want see ur rouge in game
Kingofdrifts (16:34:36): its professionalstripping123 but i think i skipped a letter
RAVENXIE8 (16:35:04): account name judge443?
RAVENXIE8 (16:35:17): ...
RAVENXIE8 (16:35:25): ur password is wrong
RAVENXIE8 (16:35:31): tell me the true
RAVENXIE8 (16:36:31): ?
Kingofdrifts (16:36:51): i cant remember if i skipped a letter when i changed it to neutral
Kingofdrifts (16:36:58): must nbe on site to recall it
RAVENXIE8 (16:37:07): ya then recall it
RAVENXIE8 (16:39:16): are u there ?
Kingofdrifts (16:39:19): ytea
Kingofdrifts (16:39:24): sry was at toilet
RAVENXIE8 (16:40:42): are u recalling password ?
Kingofdrifts (16:43:11): site working?
RAVENXIE8 (16:43:19): i dont know
Kingofdrifts (16:44:47): let me try
RAVENXIE8 (16:45:09): tell me ur password !!!
Kingofdrifts (16:45:09): nop
Kingofdrifts (16:45:11): not working
Kingofdrifts (16:45:22): professionalstripping123
Kingofdrifts (16:45:38): or profesionalstriping123
Kingofdrifts (16:45:49): dont know for sure(
RAVENXIE8 (16:46:28): are u a scammer ?
Kingofdrifts (16:47:12): yea but not at trades
Kingofdrifts (16:47:16): i trade legit
Kingofdrifts (16:47:26): i buy with fake paypal accounts tho
RAVENXIE8 (16:48:08): damn why u delete my armor and weapon
RAVENXIE8 (16:48:17): why u stolen golds
RAVENXIE8 (16:48:31): send back me 50gold plz
RAVENXIE8 (16:48:55): i need to buy some armor
Kingofdrifts (16:49:44): ill give u my account,wait up for the site to come up
Kingofdrifts (16:49:48): dont worry
RAVENXIE8 (16:50:07): but why u delete all my stuff
Kingofdrifts (16:50:09): i transfered the gold to another char i have there and ill equip it as i know
Kingofdrifts (16:50:16): didnt delete
Kingofdrifts (16:50:29): u see there i kept the rings cause they were good
Kingofdrifts (16:50:33): rest was crap
RAVENXIE8 (16:50:36): ....u bad guy
Kingofdrifts (16:50:38): ill reequip it
Kingofdrifts (16:50:42): noooooo
Kingofdrifts (16:50:45): m8
Kingofdrifts (16:50:46): wait
Kingofdrifts (16:50:53): i didnt scam you or stuff
Kingofdrifts (16:51:11): please wait untill the site comes upo
RAVENXIE8 (16:51:14): send back me 20gold ok ?
Kingofdrifts (16:51:20): ill give u my account i sweal
Kingofdrifts (16:51:23): swear
RAVENXIE8 (16:51:41): any way send back me 20gold
RAVENXIE8 (16:54:14): back me 20gold ok ?
RAVENXIE8 (16:55:41): hey
RAVENXIE8 (16:55:46): u there ?