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AIM Iplaywowalot, tried using MM, cryptfi3nd, and wowplayer0111


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Kami0005: Hi, I have a 60 UD mage, with mostly good blues, and 2 epics including eye of flame. He has his epic mount, and comes with about 200g, he also has 300 enchanting, are you at all interested in trading for ur rogue?
Iplaywowalot: hmmm
Iplaywowalot: yes
Iplaywowalot: rep?
Kami0005: uh, im not to sure on that
Kami0005: mostly honored and revered I believe
Iplaywowalot: ok
Iplaywowalot: lemme find a mm
Kami0005: are u going to prvide secret answer?
Kami0005: provide*
Iplaywowalot: yes are u?
Kami0005: yes
Iplaywowalot: ok
Iplaywowalot: k
Iplaywowalot: found one
Iplaywowalot: add
Iplaywowalot: WOWplayer0111
Iplaywowalot: and msg him
Kami0005: he isnt a real mm
Iplaywowalot: what u talking bout
Kami0005: he's brand new to the forums
Kami0005: 1 post
Iplaywowalot: no his aim is that
Kami0005: (post from the supposedly MM above)im trading my 60 ne hunter for a 60 ud rogue my hunter has 2 epics and he is pretty much blued out if you wanna see him make a character on staghelm and messege me my name is Ranarth. Aim WOWplayer0111 oh and the rogue must be transferable.thanks
Kami0005: the guy who posted that, only has 1 post
Iplaywowalot: ooooo
Iplaywowalot: his old one was pwnj00
Kami0005: ummm
Kami0005: I dont see him on the user list (sry if I am being cautious, I just got scammed today)
Iplaywowalot: o
Iplaywowalot: id be cautious to
Iplaywowalot: who scammed by so i dont
Kami0005: is there a possibility u can find a different mm?
Iplaywowalot: ummm
Iplaywowalot: yes
Iplaywowalot: looking
Iplaywowalot: cryptfi3nd
Iplaywowalot: u there?
Kami0005: (post by someone who got scammed by the above supposedly MM)cryptfi3nd
Meishas pimp

there are the aim. dont trust them they are scamming.
i will ban my account and restore it. just wanted to tell it. they are 2 [censored] no-life scammer. they are not very good just you have to know it. i knew it but i was tired of this game so i lets them scam me. anyway i will ban the account
Kami0005: lol
Iplaywowalot: umm
Iplaywowalot: who is that posted
Kami0005: well I would have to say, find maybe a moderator? not someone who was reported for scamming
Iplaywowalot: ok
Iplaywowalot signed off at 5:44:22 PM.

He signed off, meaning I owned him. It works wonders to do research on the supposed MM that people use.


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me: [censored] dude
me: u scammed me
me: i recalled
Iplaywowalot: ?
Iplaywowalot signed off at 5:10:52 PM.
Iplaywowalot signed on at 5:11:26 PM.
Iplaywowalot: u recall?
me: ya cuz u changed ur pass
Iplaywowalot: i dare u
Iplaywowalot: ill delete ur [censored]
Iplaywowalot: dont
Iplaywowalot: deleted
Iplaywowalot: ahaha
me: w/e no it isnt but ok
Iplaywowalot: lol