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AIM: Hyadoohicky MD Possible Scammer!


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Hyadoohicky MD: Hey your rogue still available?
cartmanL337: hey
Hyadoohicky MD: would you be willing to sell?
cartmanL337: depends how much
Hyadoohicky MD: was thinking arround 300
cartmanL337: paypal?
Hyadoohicky MD: yea
cartmanL337: do you have a MD account?
Hyadoohicky MD: yea i forget the name, one sec
Hyadoohicky MD signed off at 5:29:14 PM.

he blocked me after i asked for his markee name, no clue why just a warning out there.


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Hyadoohicky MD: Hey your priest still avilable?
Hyadoohicky MD: 350 USD for the priest?
Lethizor: yes my priest is still available
Lethizor: could you do 400$? :/
Lethizor: and did you wanna see her in game?
Hyadoohicky MD: I cant go above 350 sorry
Lethizor: ok
Lethizor: do you have an MD username?
Hyadoohicky MD: no i just troll =(
Lethizor: hehe, ok do you mind waiting while i do a quick search :p
Hyadoohicky MD: sure, what kind of search
Hyadoohicky MD: oh nm
Lethizor: a search on MD for your AIM name, i'm sorry it's kind of just necessary i've been scammed a whole bunch =P
Hyadoohicky MD: yea good to be safe
Hyadoohicky MD: If we're going to use pyapal iam going to have to wait however
Lethizor: Ok, i see someone else uses hyadoohicky without the MD
Hyadoohicky MD: yea thats me
Lethizor: and also that someone posted about you as being a possible scammer saying you forgot your MD name o_O
Lethizor: and yea we'd have to use paypal, so i guess message me again when you can do it
Lethizor: i don't see any posts directly showing you as anything illegit though :p
Hyadoohicky MD: I used MD a long time ago , forgot my account name
Lethizor: Looks like Halc, maybe you could do a password recovery
Hyadoohicky MD: ohhh
Lethizor: I'd feel more comfortable if you were able to post from the account name.
Hyadoohicky MD: well i remembered the password
Hyadoohicky MD: Yea, i never thought to use the search function
Lethizor: Ok, well if you could bump my post so as to show it's really you and then contact me again when you can do the actual payment we may be able to work something out =)
Hyadoohicky MD: yea i just did


Seems like he legitimately forgot his username, as he posted in my thread as halc.