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AIM: glObeMan309-cr4ck4Zack -DuMb GERman69 all scammers


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Ill show you the logs of what happened. Basically a guy wanted to powerlevel a 25 lock to 60 for me, for free... He said that his brother was "Alien" on MD, and thent ried to aim on a fake dumbgerman69

glObeMan309 (10:21:40 AM): helloTOHS07 (10:22:09 AM): HelloglObeMan309 (10:22:17 AM): u play warcraftTOHS07 (10:22:24 AM): Yes I doglObeMan309 (10:22:38 AM): wht class and lvl u gotTOHS07 (10:22:46 AM): Your looking to trade?glObeMan309 (10:22:54 AM): mabyTOHS07 (10:23:12 AM): Are you just going around asking random people?glObeMan309 (10:23:21 AM): whtglObeMan309 (10:23:24 AM): asking whtTOHS07 (10:23:42 AM): To trade?glObeMan309 (10:23:48 AM): noglObeMan309 (10:23:58 AM): just wht class u have and lvlglObeMan309 (10:24:02 AM): and rankTOHS07 (10:24:26 AM): I don't have anything anymore, all my accounts got banned from teh WoW glider ban waveglObeMan309 (10:24:49 AM): so u dont have an acc right nowTOHS07 (10:24:52 AM): I just made a new account, I need a warlock powerleveledTOHS07 (10:24:59 AM): Well only a level 25 warlockglObeMan309 (10:25:06 AM): ill powerlvl ur lock to 60 plzglObeMan309 (10:25:09 AM): can iTOHS07 (10:25:12 AM): lolTOHS07 (10:25:14 AM): for what?glObeMan309 (10:25:24 AM): idk i dont want moneyglObeMan309 (10:25:30 AM): plz it can be freeglObeMan309 (10:25:37 AM): is the lock hordeglObeMan309 (10:25:40 AM): or alliglObeMan309 (10:26:00 AM): do u knowTOHS07 (10:26:14 AM): Why do you want to powerlevel someone for free?glObeMan309 (10:26:39 AM): idk its fun i like doing the job plzglObeMan309 (10:26:55 AM): wait its a lvl 25 lock right nowTOHS07 (10:27:12 AM): It will be tuesday, someone is leveling him to 25 atmglObeMan309 (10:27:24 AM): right nowTOHS07 (10:27:33 AM): YesTOHS07 (10:27:45 AM): How old are you? Im looking to get to 60 asapglObeMan309 (10:27:56 AM): 14TOHS07 (10:28:02 AM): And if you think leveling so fun why don't you levela lock on your own account?glObeMan309 (10:28:15 AM): idkglObeMan309 (10:28:26 AM): i just like to powerlvl peopleglObeMan309 (10:28:31 AM): as a jobglObeMan309 (10:28:42 AM): so can i plz powerlvl ur lockglObeMan309 (10:28:46 AM): to 60glObeMan309 (10:28:53 AM): and get it all decked outTOHS07 (10:28:55 AM): When cany ou get it done by?glObeMan309 (10:29:16 AM): 13 to 16 daysglObeMan309 (10:29:19 AM): not longTOHS07 (10:29:34 AM): Do you have any rep on MD?TOHS07 (10:30:39 AM): ?glObeMan309 (10:30:54 AM): my bro doesglObeMan309 (10:31:25 AM): want me to powerlvl u to 60 or noglObeMan309 (10:33:01 AM): do uTOHS07 (10:33:08 AM): I doglObeMan309 (10:33:21 AM): k i need ur infoTOHS07 (10:33:42 AM): Do you know how weird this sounds to me? YOu just want to PL me to 60 for free?glObeMan309 (10:33:57 AM): no glObeMan309 (10:34:15 AM): when u want me to get startedTOHS07 (10:34:49 AM): how do I know you wont just get on my account and delete my guys?glObeMan309 (10:35:06 AM): idkglObeMan309 (10:35:13 AM): but i wont i promiesTOHS07 (10:35:33 AM): Im gonna pass thanksglObeMan309 (10:35:52 AM): wait yglObeMan309 (10:36:04 AM): cause i want it to be freeglObeMan309 (10:36:59 AM): plz man i wont do [censored] to it besides lvl itTOHS07 (10:37:10 AM): How do I know that? YOu have no repTOHS07 (10:37:21 AM): Just some random 14 year old on the internetglObeMan309 (10:37:43 AM): my bros name on md is alienglObeMan309 (10:38:00 AM): their free powerlvling for me and for him free honorlvlingTOHS07 (10:38:40 AM): Have him send me a PMglObeMan309 (10:39:10 AM): hes on a guys druid honorlvling it so he cantglObeMan309 (10:39:39 AM): here he is okglObeMan309 (10:40:25 AM): higlObeMan309 (10:40:35 AM): my bro wants to powerlvl uglObeMan309 (10:40:42 AM): to 60 and deck u outglObeMan309 (10:40:45 AM): can heglObeMan309 (10:40:54 AM): so i can get back to my honorlvlingTOHS07 (10:41:03 AM): Im gonna have to have you PM me TOHS07 (10:41:12 AM): To verify that you are alien on MDglObeMan309 (10:41:19 AM): kglObeMan309 signed off at 10:41:22 AM.glObeMan309 signed on at 10:42:14 AM.glObeMan309 (10:42:56 AM): u im me okTOHS07 (10:43:04 AM): What?glObeMan309 (10:43:21 AM): on my dum oneTOHS07 (10:43:54 AM): What...glObeMan309 (10:44:04 AM): ill im uglObeMan309 (10:44:09 AM): brbglObeMan309 signed off at 10:44:13 AM.glObeMan309 signed on at 10:48:36 AM.glObeMan309 (10:48:53 AM): now can he plzTOHS07 (10:49:06 AM): Ncie tryTOHS07 (10:49:22 AM): Alien's aim is dumbgerman69, not dumb german69glObeMan309 (10:49:56 AM): want him to im u aginTOHS07 (10:50:05 AM): Send me a PM on MDglObeMan309 (10:50:12 AM): kglObeMan309 (10:50:19 AM): ur name is on mdglObeMan309 (10:50:26 AM): wht is itTOHS07 (10:50:28 AM): ZuskglObeMan309 (10:50:32 AM): kglObeMan309 (10:51:45 AM): i rated u a 1 starTOHS07 (10:51:51 AM): Whys that?glObeMan309 (10:51:59 AM): idkTOHS07 (10:52:09 AM): I really don't care that muchTOHS07 (10:52:11 AM): I ahve nice repglObeMan309 (10:52:26 AM): so can he powerlvl uglObeMan309 (10:52:32 AM): to 60glObeMan309 (10:52:41 AM): and with full teri 2glObeMan309 (10:52:44 AM): teir2glObeMan309 (10:53:24 AM): plz so i can get back to honorlvlingTOHS07 (10:53:54 AM): Why did you give me one star?glObeMan309 (10:54:15 AM): cause u sound like ur coolTOHS07 (10:54:17 AM): Send Zusk a Private message or Im not letting you on my accountTOHS07 (10:54:25 AM): If Im cool give me 5 stars?glObeMan309 (10:54:32 AM): and dont drinkglObeMan309 (10:54:35 AM): yTOHS07 (10:55:26 AM): You are so badglObeMan309 (10:55:35 AM): noglObeMan309 (10:55:53 AM): so want to to post u on mdTOHS07 (10:56:46 AM): ...glObeMan309 (10:57:21 AM): can i just get started on ur lockTOHS07 (10:57:34 AM): [censored] youglObeMan309 (10:57:42 AM): dickglObeMan309 signed off at 10:57:44 AM.

cr4ck4Zack (10:45:57 AM): hello
cr4ck4Zack (10:46:07 AM): this is dumTOHS07 (10:46:42 AM): Why did you chagne your aim?cr4ck4Zack (10:46:47 AM): dumb german69cr4ck4Zack (10:46:52 AM): i have 2cr4ck4Zack (10:47:09 AM): im getting back on my bros okcr4ck4Zack (10:47:12 AM): other oneTOHS07 (10:47:17 AM): This isn't dumbgermanTOHS07 (10:47:31 AM): Just have Alien PM mecr4ck4Zack signed off at 10:48:27 AM.

DuMb GERman69 (10:47:59 AM): their
DuMb GERman69 (10:48:01 AM): ok
DuMb GERman69 (10:48:24 AM): now can he powerlvl uTOHS07 (10:48:59 AM): Nice tryDuMb GERman69 is not available.

Let me remind you, these aim's were all used by the same 14 year old kid. So beware :p