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AIM epicshiznit, yet another scam attempt


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Epicshiznit: ?
Kami0005: lol
Epicshiznit: ahh got
Epicshiznit: it
Epicshiznit: loading wow
Kami0005: k
Kami0005: you satisfied yet? lol
Epicshiznit: Yea i just lo6ade up wowd
Epicshiznit: and its making random letters lol
Epicshiznit: But i think its woringk
Epicshiznit: Oh
Epicshiznit: k
Epicshiznit: 60 day game car-d right?
Kami0005: yea
Epicshiznit: Ok
Epicshiznit: Lemme grab it
Epicshiznit: Sweet
Epicshiznit signed off at 1:18:21 PM.

Gave him the key, and then he logged off. GG [cencored] scammer.

*Edited for language by MarV