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AIM:candrol88 - Suspected Scammer.


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Excuse the long post.

candrol88: Greetings, I Understand you are trading your troll rogue?
LegionGrim: More or less.
candrol88: you trading or just selling...
candrol88: i can do both
LegionGrim: Well, what are your offers for each.
candrol88: well looking for a nice uber warrior?
LegionGrim: Link to post? Or profile or such?
candrol88: kk one moment phone is ringing
LegionGrim: mk
candrol88: kk
LegionGrim: So?
candrol88: anyway
candrol88: i got a nice gnome warrior on Spinebreaker
LegionGrim: I'm listening.
candrol88: wearing 5/8 wrath atm
LegionGrim: What's your markee name by the way?
candrol88: uses Quel'Serrar and Elementium Reinforced Bulwark
candrol88: dont use markee, just browse forums
LegionGrim: hmmm
candrol88: want alla profile?
candrol88: Sumo
LegionGrim: I believe the character is there, it's just I'm sketchy to trade with people who aren't registered.
candrol88: ahhh
candrol88: well sorry friend, the burden of trust is on your shoulders
LegionGrim: Can I see him in game
LegionGrim: ?
candrol88: on laptop atm
candrol88: i can let you log on tho if needed
candrol88: would you be willing to give info first?
LegionGrim: There wouldn't be a need, I'd rather use a MM anyway.
candrol88: lol nice try scammer...

I'm in the right I think, since when is offering to use a reputable MM the attribute of a scammer? I was sketchy to begin with when the guy said he wasn't registered, I mean it's free, why not register -_-.