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Aged Tumblr accounts

Original Owner


New member
Multiple Accounts
> Account created on 2014 to 2021
> Random amount of postings, few followers
> Email confirmed but no email access
> Never used for spam and never violated Tumblr rules
> Account created under a South American IP (BR)
> You receive email and password, remember to change the email and password when you log in to your email desired
> After the purchase the account will be 100% yours, you can change everything if you want
> Created manually not automated account creation system
> I'm not responsible for what happens after the purchase including suspended, locked, etc because it depends exclusively on how you use it!

> Autobuy
> Paypal Method


Twitter: @ageds4sale

Autobuy: shoppy.gg/@ageds4sale
ip hash: 665a1b14233bb47841cf3e