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AFK Auctions Live TONIGHT @ 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time! *SEE POST*


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<font size="2" color="red">Here is a partial list of items to be auctioned off this evening:</font>

<font size="2" color="white">
* Pre-Patch Talon Bite
* Pendant of Magi
* Scrappers Compendium
* Red Cu Sidhe
* Various Talismans
* The Horselord
* 120 Macing PS
* Totem of the Void
* Imprisoned Squirrel
* 2/6 Jewelry Set
* Bag of Peerless Loot
* Doom (stealable) Artifacts
* Gloves of the Sun
* Tome of Lost Knowledge
* Pilfered Dancer Fans
* Whispering Roses
* Sigil-Hued Spellbook w/ 64 Spells
* Soul Seeker
* Brightsight Lenses
* Shirt Embroidered with "We Created the Food"
* Shield of Invulnerability
* Boomstick
* Helm of Swiftness (Anyone can wear)
* Ethereal Ridgeback Statuette
* Bone Crusher
* Scepter of the Chief
* Berserker's Maul
* Axe of the Heavens
* Lucky Necklace
* Stitcher's Mittens
* "My Book" Library Talisman
* Nystul's Wizard Hat
* Ranger Armor Set
* Blessed White Sandals
* Spell Woven Britches
* Various Recipes
* Various PVP Weapons
* Aegis of Grace (Anyone Can Wear)
* Ancient Samurai Helm

<font size="2" color="red">Items can be submitted until 6:45 p.m. NO ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS TIME.</font>

<font size="2" color="yellow">PLEASE NOTE: We will be moving our auctions from Thursday nights to Sunday nights (opposite of UOA auctions). Our next auction will be held Sunday, January 29th @ 7:00 p.m.</font>

<font size="2" color="red">Thank you for reading & hope to see you there!</font>