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Account on Midgar 75war 75pld for sale


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gonna add got alot of nice rare/ex gears like new ToAU turban with +5% haste hetacomb cap adaman mufflers joyuese aejshimer koeing hands and head war af2 gloves pld af2 gloves dainslef byakko's axe rutter sabatons AA pld earing. some good sellable items signed hauberk bomb core maneater amement mantle+1 minuet earing signed ruby rings. bunch of low lvl gears ranging from 1-50 for any CoP missions enm bcnm runs u might do. sword, shield, evasion, axe, great axe,and staff are capped. GS at 201 parry at 223

4axe merits 4 GA merits 6/8 hp merits 3crit merits 3 double atk merits 2str 2 dex merits 2 warriors charge merits access to all dynamis

41nin 37thf 30sam

friend talked me into asking for more so raising price to 375 sry since leaving as is