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a scammer i experienced today


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SkateThe805 (1:04:20 PM): hey
B0x432 (1:04:42 PM): Hi
SkateThe805 (1:05:01 PM): u havent traded ur account yet have u/
B0x432 (1:05:10 PM): My Hunter?
B0x432 (1:05:33 PM): ??
B0x432 (1:06:01 PM): ???
SkateThe805 (1:06:18 PM): yeah
B0x432 (1:07:21 PM): Nope.
SkateThe805 (1:07:37 PM): my b-day is in 12 days x.x
B0x432 (1:07:47 PM): Lol.
B0x432 (1:07:49 PM): Actually.
SkateThe805 (1:07:50 PM): ive already waiting like 3 days
B0x432 (1:07:52 PM): Dont worry about the gold.
SkateThe805 (1:07:59 PM): what do u mean
B0x432 (1:08:10 PM): Dont worry about getting the gold.
B0x432 (1:08:14 PM): I'll just trade you right now.
SkateThe805 (1:08:15 PM): ill get it for u though
B0x432 (1:08:26 PM): Dont worry bout it,.
SkateThe805 (1:08:42 PM): can we use a middleman?
B0x432 (1:08:52 PM): I'd rather do it my way.
SkateThe805 (1:08:57 PM): well whats ur way
B0x432 (1:09:08 PM): You going first.
B0x432 (1:09:15 PM): I trust only 1 of the MM's.
B0x432 (1:09:18 PM): And he's nto on
SkateThe805 (1:09:40 PM): i know a MM he is well known on Markee (Stev) aim name is USWOWTRADE
B0x432 (1:09:48 PM): No, I dont trust Stev.
B0x432 (1:09:52 PM): I trust Cyrix only
SkateThe805 (1:09:56 PM): oh i know him
SkateThe805 (1:10:11 PM): alright, i guess we can
SkateThe805 (1:10:16 PM): Alucard0987
B0x432 (1:10:29 PM): Is that ur acc name?
SkateThe805 (1:10:32 PM): yea
B0x432 (1:10:38 PM): k
B0x432 (1:10:42 PM): my acc name is thoi412
SkateThe805 (1:11:09 PM): -wipes head- alright lets hope all goes well and ur honest with me on password
SkateThe805 (1:11:13 PM): mine is 123a123a
B0x432 (1:11:27 PM): One sec.
B0x432 (1:11:30 PM): Lemme quickly verify
B0x432 (1:11:40 PM): Do you have MSN?
SkateThe805 (1:11:44 PM): yeah
B0x432 (1:11:57 PM): whats ur msn adress so i can add u
SkateThe805 (1:12:12 PM): [email protected]
B0x432 (1:12:21 PM): Aight.
SkateThe805 (1:12:31 PM): why do u wanna know my MSN?
B0x432 (1:12:39 PM): So I can add u
B0x432 (1:12:43 PM): Talk to you when something goes wrong
SkateThe805 (1:12:55 PM): whats ur email
B0x432 (1:13:06 PM): [email protected]
B0x432 signed off at 1:13:21 PM.

i got scammed. right? cause i tried logginto my account but my password was changed. good thing i had sq/sa. cause that guy is a nolife. dont trade him


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Please read the forums. There has been so many posts about b0x its almost funny.