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A scammer gets owned. Funny story.


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So I traded this warrior to B0x for a druid/hunter acct. A few days later he's freaking out because apparently the acct was recalled, and then MAGICALLY the password was the same as it was before the "recall," but the warrior had been deleted... HMMM! Well, let's see how the story unfolds, shall we? I'm Jackpocalypse, He's B0x432, and "Frocomb" is the guy who I got the warrior acct from. Behold...


[22:41] B0x432: What happened to my Warrior?
[22:41] B0x432: One day the password is changed.
[22:41] B0x432: The next day the Warrior's been deleted and the pass is correct.
[22:41] Jackpocalypse: Sure.
[22:41] B0x432: Umm.. I
[22:41] B0x432: I'm not bullshitting.
[22:41] Jackpocalypse: Sure.
[22:41] B0x432: Lol...
[22:41] B0x432: Retard.
[22:42] Jackpocalypse: If it got recalled, then how would they have known to change the pw back to what you had it set as?
[22:42] B0x432: I put it the same as the acc I traded u..
[22:42] B0x432: And you're the only guy who knew it
[22:42] Jackpocalypse: Hahahaha!
[22:43] Jackpocalypse: I'm not a scammer, you are.
[22:43] Jackpocalypse: Why were you asking Frocomb to buy you game cards?
[22:43] B0x432: I didnt.
[22:43] B0x432: I told him I'll take a GC instead of my account back.
[22:43] B0x432: Moron.
[22:43] B0x432: And no, I'm not a scammer.
[22:43] B0x432: You are.
[22:43] Jackpocalypse: So the warrior is deleted, hm?
[22:43] B0x432: Yes.
[22:59] Jackpocalypse: Even if I had deleted him, which I didn't, why would I? I gain nothing from that
[23:00] B0x432: For the joy of seeing people becoming accountless?
[23:01] Jackpocalypse: rofl, yeah.. that's me... a regular sadist. I've done dozens of successful, legit trades.
[23:01] Jackpocalypse: You're the one with a bad rep.
[23:01] Jackpocalypse: I know what I do and I don't do. And I do go back and delete chars that I trade to people.
[23:02] Jackpocalypse: AND, if you do use the same p/w everytime you trade, then you're an idiot anyway.
[23:02] Jackpocalypse: I guess you were lying about being able to recall that druid/hunter acct though.
[23:02] Jackpocalypse: Another lie!
[23:02] Jackpocalypse: Am I surprised? Not really.
[23:03] B0x432: Shut the [censored] up noobie, I didnt' say it was you retard./
[23:03] B0x432: And no, I dont have bad rep.
[23:03] B0x432: But you do.
[23:03] B0x432: So stfu
[23:03] Jackpocalypse: ROFL
[23:03] Jackpocalypse: From who?
[23:03] B0x432: Me
[23:03] Jackpocalypse: Should I link you to the thread you made confessing to being a scammer and saying you wanted to turn over a new leaf?
[23:03] Jackpocalypse: Because I will, in case you forgot.
[23:03] B0x432: Yeah.
[23:03] B0x432: Thats why I posted.
[23:04] B0x432: I started over new
[23:04] B0x432: And I'm legit
[23:04] B0x432: Unlike u you [censored] sleasy scammer
[23:04] Jackpocalypse: Hahahahahahahah
[23:04] Jackpocalypse: I'm on the floor, buddy.
[23:11] Jackpocalypse: Also dude
[23:11] Jackpocalypse: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/96133/an/0/page/0#96133
[23:11] Jackpocalypse: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[23:12] Jackpocalypse: You're so full of [censored]
[23:12] Jackpocalypse: You [censored] [censored]
[23:12] B0x432: uh huh
[23:12] B0x432: Get a life
[23:12] Jackpocalypse: You know the OO in real life, huh?
[23:12] Jackpocalypse: OKAYYYYYY


At that point I, of course, get blocked.

This, folks, is what happens when traders who are 12 years old and scammers, go up against older, more mature traders who are legit and much more intelligent.

The end.