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A scammer apologizes (READ PLEASE)


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OK this is an AIM convo between me and a person who I had accused of scamming me and i was correct about it, heres how our convo went and I admire his guts to approach me with this. Maybe you other scammers will go down a notch you [censored] faces. And this is posted in the wrong section for a reason Admins....including you trademe.

ChromeMagnum123 (7:00:18 PM): perhaps we can talk? Or you still pissed?
tomatotz (7:04:38 PM): what?
ChromeMagnum123 (7:04:58 PM): Well, just thought you should know I locked Pinkfairy up today =)
tomatotz (7:05:06 PM): alright
ChromeMagnum123 (7:05:28 PM): And we can be cool now? you should have the email from blizzard so you can get him back if you want
tomatotz (7:06:12 PM): mmmk whatever locked or unlocked cool
ChromeMagnum123 (7:06:17 PM): k
tomatotz (7:09:02 PM): also i checked to see if pinkfairy was been played earlier this week hmm not on the server?
ChromeMagnum123 (7:09:17 PM): nah
tomatotz (7:09:45 PM): meh oh well thought i might talk to the person playing her but of well
ChromeMagnum123 (7:09:48 PM): person i traded it too said something about stonemaul and naming it cyomac =/
tomatotz (7:10:04 PM): oh
ChromeMagnum123 (7:10:19 PM): Hmm did you ever get the email? If you did we could sell her and split the profits =)
tomatotz (7:10:37 PM): lol i don't think i got an email sorry
ChromeMagnum123 (7:11:04 PM): hmm
ChromeMagnum123 (7:11:11 PM): maybe it went to mine, ill check
tomatotz (7:11:21 PM): k
ChromeMagnum123 (7:11:58 PM): yep i got it =)
tomatotz (7:12:09 PM): alright
ChromeMagnum123 (7:12:31 PM): you got adobe installed?
tomatotz (7:12:45 PM): yeah
ChromeMagnum123 (7:13:40 PM): ok i gotta fill one out anyway for my rogue but ill sned you the link
ChromeMagnum123 (7:13:48 PM): http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/WoW/other/Account-Retrieval.pdf

tomatotz (7:13:53 PM): k
tomatotz (7:14:20 PM): i'll do it when i get around to it not important to me
ChromeMagnum123 (7:15:17 PM): k, just letting ya know, just helping ya make some extra cash
tomatotz (7:17:34 PM): give me 10 min i'll talk to u then
ChromeMagnum123 (7:18:06 PM): a;rogjtou
ChromeMagnum123 (7:18:11 PM): alrighty*
tomatotz (7:25:04 PM): u can have cyomac back
ChromeMagnum123 (7:25:14 PM): why?
tomatotz (7:25:20 PM): i'll do the retrievel u can her back
ChromeMagnum123 (7:25:40 PM): thanks greatly, ill remove your negative on markee that I left you
tomatotz (7:25:56 PM): i don't care about markee
tomatotz (7:26:04 PM): i'm done with wow
ChromeMagnum123 (7:26:17 PM): =(
ChromeMagnum123 (7:26:33 PM): would you mind putting my email on there, you can keep your phone if you want
tomatotz (7:26:56 PM): don't care
tomatotz (7:27:11 PM): i'll find the cd key somewhere
ChromeMagnum123 (7:27:26 PM): [email protected] and 407-322-1929 if you will please and dont worry about the CD-Key, its fine
tomatotz (7:27:51 PM): i feel kind of bad actually lol
ChromeMagnum123 (7:28:16 PM): why?
ChromeMagnum123 (7:28:27 PM): it was out of your hands
tomatotz (7:28:39 PM): lol
tomatotz (7:29:27 PM): na u don't believe that did u
ChromeMagnum123 (7:29:36 PM): ?
ChromeMagnum123 (7:29:59 PM): i thought you did it at first but if you did you woulda blocked me on AIM
tomatotz (7:30:22 PM): anyways i'm with trading and selling account or playing wow for that matter. i'm not sure why i did it
ChromeMagnum123 (7:31:02 PM): ima retire from markee eventually but its like addictive in a way
tomatotz (7:32:12 PM): anyways whats done is done
tomatotz (7:33:05 PM): i don't know i did it just out of spite i guess since it kind of reminded me of when i first sold me accout and got it scammed from me
ChromeMagnum123 (7:33:41 PM): ive scammed disney once but after I while I gave em the account back
tomatotz (7:34:06 PM): i mean i kind of it did since my friend did it and i was like its so easy
tomatotz (7:34:27 PM): i mean i've traded quite a couple account on markee all legit but i don't know
tomatotz (7:34:50 PM): feel free to post this on markee
tomatotz (7:35:39 PM): sorry probably not what u wanted to hear
ChromeMagnum123 (7:35:49 PM): ? nah its cool ?
ChromeMagnum123 (7:36:00 PM): so you keeping fairy then?
tomatotz (7:36:10 PM): no gonna get it back
ChromeMagnum123 (7:36:14 PM): k
tomatotz (7:36:25 PM): when i get her back u can have her
ChromeMagnum123 (7:36:27 PM): this isnt something markee needs to hear anyway
tomatotz (7:36:45 PM): lol u had your friends message me and call me a scammer
tomatotz (7:36:49 PM): quite amusing
ChromeMagnum123 (7:36:55 PM): wait wait, when?
ChromeMagnum123 (7:37:04 PM): i just posted never told anyone to whisper you
tomatotz (7:37:22 PM): oh well doesn't matter to me
tomatotz (7:37:44 PM): i guess i just wanted to try it once after doing so many legit trades sorry u had to be the one
ChromeMagnum123 (7:38:11 PM): its usually my luck anyway, you kinda get used to being the "one" after a whjile
tomatotz (7:38:42 PM): bleedi with the druid?
ChromeMagnum123 (7:38:54 PM): yes, what about him
tomatotz (7:39:00 PM): how did that end
tomatotz (7:39:07 PM): i did a legit trade with bleedi before
ChromeMagnum123 (7:39:36 PM): lol i found out who had it, and he told me i cna play w/e i wnat and he paid me my 130$ back for the gold i bought and gamecard
ChromeMagnum123 (7:39:49 PM): moyashi is still on markee, lol he sold some mage earlier
tomatotz (7:39:49 PM): and moyashi is done too isn't he
tomatotz (7:39:57 PM): oh
tomatotz (7:40:11 PM): thought he was done
ChromeMagnum123 (7:40:43 PM): nah he's still at it
tomatotz (7:40:44 PM): alright i will fill the form out one day and get the accountt back
ChromeMagnum123 (7:40:53 PM): k
tomatotz (7:41:38 PM): even if i was to trade again it be hard
ChromeMagnum123 (7:41:42 PM): getting a gnome rogue powerleveled right now, prolly gonna sell em on markee for some big $$
tomatotz (7:42:10 PM): lost all my rep anyways
tomatotz (7:42:21 PM): no point in trading or selling anymore on markee
ChromeMagnum123 (7:45:38 PM): k ill ttyl man and if you want me too ill post this on markee saying " a scammer apologizes" your choice though
tomatotz (7:45:47 PM): lol
tomatotz (7:46:12 PM): don't care doesn't matter to me stuff already happen not going to deny it anymore lol
ChromeMagnum123 (7:46:28 PM): alright, i feel it might bring some other scammers down a notch
tomatotz (7:46:37 PM): rofl
ChromeMagnum123 (7:46:44 PM): =)
tomatotz (7:46:54 PM): have a good life kid
tomatotz signed off at 7:47:14 PM.


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This exactly illustrates my point that alot of honest kids get on here, get scammed and then out of spite/revenge do it to someone else... sad that most are simply not mature enough to handle it and resort to a fit of cussing and then go make a new name or just end up like this guy saying they are quiting wow. I hope that is the case and you make a clean break but WoW is very addicting and being able to isntantly play another lvl 60 is alot of fun and keep it going. I'm fully aware I am addicted to WoW the thing I try to do is set limits, which is tough, but helps. Just like every other MMO out there I have played there will come a day to move on, but with the BC expansion, there's gonna be alot of ppl that left.... coming back. Good luck to you both.


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damn admins and your moving [censored] around...this is a subliminal message not a post about a scammer. This is a great day for scammer history...