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A scam averted


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
I advertised in another forum that I was looking for someone to powerlevel me, so I had this guy respond. He seemed ok and so I gave him my info (yesterday). I told him Im gonna be away from playing for a few days and that if he does good ill get him a 60 day game card.

I logged in this morning just to check progress......

My beaststalker glove ------ GONE. 3 hours of work!!!!

And he took out my nearly complete portals set and was about to sell it on AH as he was logged in the ah and had them in the backpack....

If I didn't check the account at all I might have really been broke.

His msn hotmail address: [email protected]

Also to add to a list of the known scammers, I had pbfreak contact me also.

Be warned!!!