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A little too hard to believe AIM: NinjzorturtleZ6


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NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:07:41 PM): hey
xXxPledgexXx (3:07:53 PM): hey
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:08:04 PM): you got that 34 rouge still?xXxPledgexXx (3:08:08 PM): yes
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:08:20 PM): you want a 60 priest for it?xXxPledgexXx (3:08:52 PM): thats a little too hard to believe, can i see ur markee?
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:09:04 PM): i dont got one but you can see ingame
xXxPledgexXx (3:09:39 PM): i cant trade then
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:09:44 PM): why
xXxPledgexXx (3:09:45 PM): i only trade with people who have a rating
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:10:02 PM): lol ok your HUGE lose
xXxPledgexXx (3:11:00 PM): well
xXxPledgexXx (3:11:06 PM): im trying to prevent myself from being scammed
xXxPledgexXx (3:11:09 PM): so...
xXxPledgexXx (3:11:11 PM): get a markee
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:11:21 PM): lol i am not a scammer
xXxPledgexXx (3:11:28 PM): sure...
xXxPledgexXx (3:12:20 PM): well
xXxPledgexXx (3:12:24 PM): im about to search ur name on markee
xXxPledgexXx (3:12:30 PM): and see if ur a scammer
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:12:43 PM): k
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:13:51 PM): and if ur wondering why iw ant to trade i like rouges and i am tired of being 60
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:15:25 PM): dude belive me i ahve gotten scammed to i am not a [censored] [censored] scammmer
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:16:59 PM): you there?
xXxPledgexXx (3:17:11 PM): no, im not
xXxPledgexXx (3:17:12 PM): sorry
NinjzorzturtleZ6 (3:17:21 PM): ?
NinjzorzturtleZ6 signed off at 3:18:39 PM

Nothing came up in the search, a scammer in the making i guess, or if hes new to markee... oops