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A bad person to deal with

biggamer86 -banned

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Aim convo with a annoying little kid i traded with over 4 months ago he just now expected me to trade back.
skat3r4life1337: ..
skat3r4life1337: dude
skat3r4life1337: just give me my stuff back plz
biggamerben86: i dont have it
skat3r4life1337: and i know you werent the original owner to the warrior
skat3r4life1337: i talked to the original owner
skat3r4life1337: he gave me a working sq/a
biggamerben86: i never said that i never even had the sqa
biggamerben86: you still have the warrior
skat3r4life1337: yeh
biggamerben86: and you have the blank rs account so you came out way ahead
skat3r4life1337: not really
biggamerben86: is that all you need im going to sign off
skat3r4life1337: no
skat3r4life1337: i need my stuff
biggamerben86: i dont have it
biggamerben86: you still have the warrior and that was the original trade
skat3r4life1337: no i dont
skat3r4life1337: someone took it
biggamerben86: well then theres no way i can get your stuff back then anyways
skat3r4life1337: you scammed me..
biggamerben86: whatever can you just give me a negative and leave me alone then
skat3r4life1337: dude thats not even cool