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_-= Trade MY EURO account for YOUR US account =-_


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I have an Europe Account with a Warrior lvl 60 with a Epik mount, a rogue lvl 28, a priest lvl 10, a shaman lvl 30 and I want to trade it for a US account.

The Warrior is equiped with high end Blue, is in a great guild that do MC and ZulGurub
300 mining and first aid
185 enchant (did not do a lot with crafting swords)
I have a lot of Dark Iron mineral and differents things good for craft.
Hes an Orc on a normal FRENCH server.

I live in Canada and want a US account because it's hard to play on EU because of the 6 hours of difference.

contact me on MSN: [email protected]

BTW: Scammers dont apply, i will need to trade contact info with you and call each other over phone, as well i'm the original owner and have all info needed to recall, so dont even try.


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Hello, i´m interested to buy/sell some accounts preferably for anything on EU servers. I have some accounts that can be sell and i´m interested to buy lvl 70 full epic chars. Just ask me priv msg or via msn [email protected].