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84 Mo. Legendary Acct w/2 Vet Rewards! 120 Archery/120 Eval/+25/20 stats!!

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Multiple Accounts
This account is an 84 month account. It has 2 vet rewards left to choose. 14 GM and powerscrolled skills including 120 Eval Int and 120 Archery! Also there is a +25 and +20 stat scroll used on different characters. Also has a near perfect treasure hunter. Account comes with 1 million gold. Here are the characters:

The Mage: 116.2/120 Eval Int, 110.8/115 Magery, 110/110 Meditation, GM Alchemy and Poisoning!!! +20 stat used. Is in the faction com riding a com war horse.

The Archer/Mage: 90/120 Archery, 106/110 Magery,102.8/110 Tactics, 104.9/105 Eval Int, 74/105 Meditation. +25 Stat used.

The Treasure Hunter/Blacksmith: GM Blacksmith/Cartography/Detect Hidden/Lockpicking/Mining. 96.3 Remove trap!!!

The Mule: GM Carpentry, other crafting skills below 100.

The Bard: High Provoke and Musicianship along with some melee skills.

Here's the Link:


Starts tonight for 5 days.

Thanks for looking /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif