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    > Professional Middleman service [ All games | Trusted]

    Integrity Official Middleman services
    Want to buy an account or item but are afraid that you might get scammed?
    Never traded before?
    Don't trust the seller?
    Have low rep?
    I am here to help!

    If you're interested in using me as a middleman for your next transaction, please use this URL to create a MM transaction:

    Who am I:
    Hello! I am an official middleman of EpicNPC.
    I provide you 100% safety by offering my services as a middleman for any account or item trade.
    Member's safety is my primary concern, and not just getting my fee. I use the experience I've gained mediating trades in the past couple of years to prevent scams and advise new traders.
    If you have any questions or need advice about buying/selling accounts, feel free to send me a PM.

    What I do:
    - My job is to make sure that your trade completes successfully, and that both parties get what they wanted.
    - I will prevent any scam attempts during the trade or warn you if I see the trade as high-risk.
    - I will guide you through the trade and give you advice on what to do, especially if you are new to this kind of trading.
    - I will be available for help after the trade, for no additional fee. Things like how to secure an account, withdraw a payment, tips to prevent scams like account recalls or payment chargeback and help in recovering from a scam.
    - I will answer any questions that you might have regarding virtual item trading or about the middleman process, for free, regardless if you plan to use my service or not.
    What I don't do:
    - Find a buyer for your account/item and/or sell it on your behalf. It is your job to find a buyer.
    - Find a seller for the account/item that you are looking to buy.
    - I do not sell or buy anything. Don't offer me your items. I'm also not interested in reselling your items.
    - I do not convert payment methods (e.g. Paypal to Skrill). Both buyer and seller must use the same payment method.
    - I will not scam people who have scammed you, to avenge you, or participate in any kind of fraud.

    Trade Guardian stats:

    Timezone: CEST / GMT+2
    Completed MM Transactions: 158
    Transactions Total Value: $60k+

    Will hold payment during transaction: Yes (including Paypal, if premium service is used)
    Will log into game account to check stats: Yes, with or without VPN

    If you're interested in using me as a middleman for your next transaction, please use this URL to create a MM transaction:

    Why pick me as your middleman:

    - I support a huge variety of games and platforms. I have very deep understanding on how the account management for every platform works and can estimate the risk with very good accuracy. If I've never done a game before, I use a well defined process of analysing how safe a certain platform is, what are the possible exploits, how the game handless sessions etc. Each platform has to pass certain tests for it to be considered safe to trade. This is the exact reason why I claim that I support "all games". If I don't support a certain game, it's because it's very unsafe (did not pass most of my tests).
    - I am the only MM who offers Paypal money holding service. And my fees for that are among the lowest.
    - I do not stick to strict rules. With me, any kind of deal is possible. When there are problems, I come up with various (sometimes weird and creative) ways to solve them. And they work most of the time!
    - I am friendly, patient, understanding and easy to talk to. Professional, while still not being too serious.
    - Try my service and find out for yourself!

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