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Multiple Accounts
Rating: 100%
Member Since August 10, 2006
Total Feedback: 2
Unique Feedback: 2
Unicorn Server
Gil: Over 3,000,000 on hand
Bastok Rank 10
Windurst Rank 10
San' Doria Rank 10
Rize of Zilart Complete
Chains of Promathia Complete
Here are all of the jobs
16 Warrior
38 White Mage(All teleports but: Teleport-Zvahls and Teleport-Altep)
37 Red Mage(All spells obtained)
37 Ninja(Has Utsusemi: Ni)
75 Black Mage(All spells obtained)
71 Ranger(Archery, Marksmanship, and Dagger all Capped Skill level)
33 Thief
Black Mage
Weapon:All Elemental Staves and Also "Kirin's Pole"(Sky God Drop)
Ammo:phantom Tathlum(Equipped in the Ammo slot, MP+10 Int+)
Head:Blm Artifact Hat & Opo-Opo Crown Obtained
Body:Igqira Weskit, Errant Hpl.(For MP resting),Blm AF Body, Black Cloak, Federation Aketon(Increases Movement Speed in Windurst by 12%), Both of the Summerfest Special Event Yukatas.
Back:Rainbow Cape
Neck:Elemental Torque
Hands:Igqira Manillas, Blm AF Mitts
Waist:Hierarch Belt(Used for MP resting), Powerful Rope
Ears:Abyssal Earring(Obtained from Beating the Ark Angels) Moldavite Earring
Fingers:Snow Ringx2(Worth more than 2million each)
Legs:Blm AF Pants
Feet:Rostrum Pumps(Very very good Rare/Ex boots), Blm AF Boots
Ranger(Usually Subs Ninja so, he has Dual-wield)
Main:Fransisca, Behemoth Knife, Anubis's Knife, Stun Kukri,
Ranged:Shigeto Bow, Othinius' Bow(Crossbow)
Ammo:Demon Arrows, Bloody Bolts, Acid Bolts, Holy Bolts
Head:Ranger AF Beret
Body:Ranger AF Body, Shiparee Tunic
Back:Amemit Mantle
Neck:Ranger's Necklace
Hands:Ranger AF Hands
Waist:Royal Knight's Belt+1
Ears:Fenrir's Earring(Reward from Defeating Fenrir), Drone Earring
Ring:Rajas Ring(Obtained from Completing Chains of Promathia), Mermans Ring+1
Legs:Rng AF Pants, Also the Lv 72 Ranger Relic Pants "Scout's Braccae" obtained from Dynamis
Feet:Ranger AF Socks

Other Noteable Gear:
Empress Hairpin**
Bounding Boots**
Ducal Guards Ring**

Obviously all of the Limit Break Quests have been done
This character is currently in the following linkshells:
a few social LS's
Crafts: 74 Alchemy, 60 Woodworking, 28 Cooking, 24 Goldsmithing, most of the others are leveled at least a little.
This character also has the "Caduceus" which increases your Alchemy level.

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