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    Arcane Legends Acc Wts

    Accepting only paypal payment from and only with decent feed back. Accepting offers, if an offer sounds good I'd be happy to sell it. However, I am not looking to sell it less than -100$

    Bellow, here are the description of the contents of the account (both characters have Courage constant 10% exp earned at all times forever:
    Account contains 2,929,000 Gold.
    200 Platinum.

    Rogue 40
    Inventory 50/50 unlocked

    Mythic items:

    Fang of Fenrir Enchanted eye x2 + Grand fire gem +5
    Blood Ruby of Shuyal Enchanted eye x 3
    Entangled Bow of tactics Enchanted eye 1x, Grand fire gem x5

    Other items:

    Permafrost Hauberk
    Gold Ranger Leathers
    Night assassin Suit
    Night Assassin hood
    Permafrost Guise
    Gold Ranger Mask
    Frozen Front lines Banner
    Snowball's Egg


    * Breeze
    * Dova Bear
    * Courage
    * Ethyl
    * Flounder
    * Frogger
    * Scortch

    Warrior 14
    Forever 10% exp gained (stacks with abbandon + potion)
    Inventory 50/50 unlocked
    192k gold


    *Little Bear

    Feel free to PM or provide a skype name bellow. Will communicate via face time if necessary to show you what I have. Just looking to quit, not into this game as much as I thought I would be. Will check daily.

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