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Selling 610 Mounts 32.700 AV 175 Titles 1203 Pets 440 Pala Top 50 Collection Worldwide

Horde, Alliance


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Placed among the Top 50 of all Collection Accounts in the World and serverwide EU/US!!!

I have dedicated an entire Video, to show you the Incredible Feats and Milestones of this Fortune of History. The entire Footage was recorded and edited by R3al - Acc0unts. This Account is a true Legend and now up for sale!

Update: New very hard and Rare FoS achieved on the Account: Hertz-Locker https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=13789/hertz-locker
Update: New very hard achievement row completed and Mount unlocked https://ptr.wowhead.com/item=169194/snapback-scuttler
Update: Over 32.700 Achievement Points reached

Update: Account progress will be continued until it is sold!

440 Main Paladin

610 Mounts both Fractions
- Island Expedition Drops
- Achievement rewards
- World, Raid and Dungeon Loots
- Repuation Mounts
- PvP Mounts

- Gold and Real Money Purchases

32.700+ Achievement Points
- 99 % of Achievement Points gathered
- Top 50 of the world wide leadeboards

- Many Feats of Strength and Classic Achievements

1203 Pets
- Unique, Level 25 and Upgraded on rare

- 1130 Achievement Points. Amazing!!!

175 Titles
- Hand of A'dal, Khan
- Battlemaster, Khan, Title for 100x exalted
- Medic and so so many more!

560 Toys
- Some Really grindy and nasty ones

- You can have so much fun in your free time!

- Over 100x Exalted

- 80 completed Sets
Many Mythic or best possible
Some Elite sets

MoP CM Gold Set

- 80% XMog with Paladin + more with other Classes
Rare Weapons Taeshalach and Blue Argus Scythe

- MoP and WoD CM Gold Set Weapon Skins, Titles, Mounts, Achievements

- Overall 13 x 120 Chars on several Classes

9999 €

Skype: Spektraltiger
Discord: Spektraltiger#9908
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