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60epicdruid = scammer


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Ok, this guy and me traded accounts my 60 epic warlock for his 60 Epic warrior. Anyway we got MM and all, the MM was Nuka MD he had nothing to do with the scam. Anyways, We start talking we view the Characters in-game, and I like the warrior he likes the Warlock, next we trade we got the mm the trade was succesful blah blah. Heres my exact words of my question when I get in game and some guy PST's me and says " Cheazar You [censored] scammer ". And I say whoa dude Im not Cheazar and my name Is Iskanderrr on AIm and Markee and he says well I paid 430$ for that account Ill have it back. Basically im saying Either 1. " the guy knew the accounts was scammed and tried to get rid of it quick " 2. " the guy scammed me out of the account. "

My exact askings after I saw this was " If the account Gets recalled in anyway(meaning anybody) will you give me my account back.

His words " sure but im 100% sure it wont "

And you see.