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Selling 408 WW Monk HoA 44 & 4 x 110 on account


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Started wow last summer with BFA, so the account doesnt have all the 'old content' stuff. However, i tried to maximize it every way i could :
Note : comes with a HIgh end D3 account with 3,3K paragon necro, mage, monk, DH etc, BIS gear, tons of resources and gear
the toons :
The WW monk is the main, 1st sim dps monk on my server (HORDE US, around 22500k sim dps) , 406/407 ilvl (a few different 410 in stock)
- Hear of Azeroth 43 which is more than just a 'nice to have' if you want to wear high end / high level azerite gear and benefit from the best traits. Good luck raiding and equipping 415 azerite gear with a heart level 38/39...
- WW monk is certainly not the best 'dps class' but this one is not at all the usual WW / average gear monk, it's on steroids, only the best Havoc DH and some Mages do more damage than me in dungeons, in PVE content (warfronts, islands, assaults etc ) it's a beast with very high aoe dmg, excellent mobility and now good survavibility (217KHP unbuffed) For those of you interested in PVP you know WW monks are back on top of the charts.
- 4 x 110 toons : 1 arcane mage (mainly used for AH transactions), 1 DH, one rogue and one DK
Achievements :
- 12100 points,
- AOTC Ghuun AND AOTC Jaina / BOD (heroic finished on 1st week after raid launch)
Reputations :
- All BFA factions exalted (Horde)
- All Legion and WOD faction exalted (legion flying unlocked, WOD to be done)
- Argent Dawn reputations : i am at Thunder BLuff now
- Horde reputations : all exalted, only Thunder BLuff left to do (revered right now)
- Raider io : around 710, i didnt do much raiding however you shouldnt have any issues gettign invites
Mounts & pets :
- 120 something mounts on the horde side, i let you check the armory link, some noticeable ones : astral cloud serpent, Llothien prowler (fox), Spawn of Horridon, Pureblood Firehawk, Red Qiraji, Nightborne ManaSaber, Phosphorescent stone drake (Aeonaxx) + from BFA : Sharkbait (Freehold) Skullripper, Highland Mustang, Blackpaw, Blue Marsh Hopper (Blue Frog), Swift Albino Raptor
- 220 unique pets

Cash & resources
- Tons of mogs, about 4M gold in mogs actually spread across the toons. Some very expensive stuff like the Hat from the Duskhaven set (islands exp, the new version of the 'noble man hat', very rare goes for around 500K) in stash. i'll get rid of a lot of the the greens and low value stuff and leave the rare stuff
- 600k ++ gold in bank across the toons (on the same server)
- MAx enchants on the monk including all rares illusions tomes (elemental, shado pan etc) and pvp enchants etc , max tailoring with lots of rare ones (red lumberjack shirt etc)
- Inscription and Alchemy on bank alt (mage)
- monthly sub paid until 27th of april
- 1000+ residuum, 230+ islands coins, 650 horde coins for you spend

You'll be given login / pass + full access to the account email upon payment
Paypal, verified only, 600 $ , no BS no fairy tales no deals. don't waste my time i won't waste yours

Thanks and have a nice day

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