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4/6/7 Digits | 15 Years | 5-10 Year Coin | Starting from 2€ | Original Email


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Multiple Accounts
Reason - chargeback scams
15 Years Old Steam Accounts with their original email.

In stock:
Digits - 6xxx
Digits (Hour boosted or clean)
7 Digits

All accounts have no restriction/ban, are clean without any game hours or profile names and do get the CS:GO Veteran Coin after purchase.

You might need a mobile phone number to access the original hotmail.
You may also need to spend 5$ Steam to see the "15 Years Old Badge" and use community features.

Instant buy on Shoppy.gg:

4 Digit 6xxx - PM me here
6 Digit +1.400 Hours boosted - PM me here
6 Digit - 3'5€ BTC here or 4€ PayPal here
7 Digit - 2€ BTC here or 2,5€ PayPal here

Or contact me for buy with PayPal for the same price as BTC

*Digit is the length of the Steam ID.
The lower it is, the more unique it is.
A 5 digit would for example be STEAM_0:1:23456. After the last colon, you count the numbers, and then you know what digit it is.
Also, all the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 digits and low 7 digits are made in 2003, which was the year Steam was made.
September 10th - 1 and 2 digits
September 11th - 3 and low 4 digits
September 12th - High 4 digits (above 6xxx) and 5 digits (up to 81291).
September 13th - High 5 digits (above 81296) and 6 digits
September 13th to October 21st - 6 digits
October 21st to February 18th - Email Login 7 digits (26xxxxx and below)

Conclusion: If you do not care about the ID and day steam was released just buy a 14 year old 7 digit, cheapest option for you.
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