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Not to bad market platform

Overall you guys is a good platform, not too bad to make a sell, I been using it for awhile but I would like some suggestion since I think you guys been keeping the website like that for freaking long

The message system is trash, is give no instant notification, false news (example it displace I have a message when I acctually don't). Please skip the notification after we successfully sent a message and make it in real time message. People have to reload the site everytime they wanna see if there a new message appear and is annoying to communicate with customer please this is not the 90s we don't use fax anymore
The listing system also need to be look at since it only priority seller in the number of the deal seller make (Seller selling cheap price item in bunk will have their item list appear first before the seller who have high value item and took longer time to sell)
And finally I hope you guys could decrease the selling fee, I mean 18% for selling fee damn
I know you guys probably will not change shiet but neh i gotta split it out
Thank you very much for acknowledging the validity of the site, Junkdog. We appreciate that.

Thank you as well for the input and suggestions. A real-time messaging system has long been requested by users; while we cannot implement one anytime soon, rest assured, we are aware of its importance and we are always checking on how to approach this. I will forward your fee suggestion to the team as well. I know there may be no immediate changes but I can guarantee you, inputs like these are always forwarded and considered by the team — so again, thank you.
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