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384 Warrior | MoP CM | Elite PvP | High Warlord | Glorious Tyranny

High End


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Armory (Click to View):

384 Warrior


8/8 Normal Uldir
8/8 Heroic Uldir
4/8 Mythic Uldir
7th Legion - Revered
Champions of Azeroth - Revered
Order of Empers - Revered
Proudmoore Admiralty - Revered
Storm's Wake - Revered
Tortollan Seekers - Honored

Notable Items & Transmog:

Heart of Azeroth: Level 27
390 Dread Gladiator's Decapitator
385 Disc of Systematic Regeneration
380 Dread Gladiator's Medallion
355 Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms
385 Khor, Hammer of the Corrupted
MoP Challenge Mode Warrior Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
BfA S1 Dread Gladiator's Elite PvP Set
Legion S5 / S6 / S7 Elite PvP Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
Prideful Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
Demonic Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
Glorious Tyranny Weapon Enchantment (UNOBTAINABLE)
Elite Prideful Gladiator's Decapitator (UNOBTAINABLE)
Fury Warrior Mage Tower Artifact Appearance (UNOBTAINABLE)
Arms Warrior Mage Tower Artifact Appearance (UNOBTAINABLE)
Reins of the Emerald Pandaren Phoenix (UNUSED - UNOBTAINABLE)
Reins of the Ashen Pandaren Phoenix (UNUSED - UNOBTAINABLE)
Reins of the Crimson Pandaren Phoenix (UNUSED - UNOBTAINABLE)
Reins of the Violet Pandaren Phoenix (UNUSED - UNOBTAINABLE)

Notable Titles:

"Hero of the Alliance"
"High Warlord"
"the Undaunted" (UNOBTAINABLE)

Notable Achievements:

Ahead of the Curve: G'huun

Hero of the Horde: Prideful (UNOBTAINABLE)

Duelist: Battle for Azeroth Season 1
Duelist: Legion Season 7 (UNOBTAINABLE)
Duelist: Season 15 (UNOBTAINABLE)

Demonic Elite (UNOBTAINABLE)



I am the most reputable US account merchant on OwnedCore and one of the most reputable worldwide. With over 300+ accounts sold, I have unanimously positive feedback on OwnedCore, and multiple users here and elsewhere can vouch for my legitimacy. I am not the original owner of any account I sell, so a lifetime warranty against account recalls is immediately applicable upon purchase within the parameters outlined beforehand. I do not cover reselling, account name change attempts, and account locks or bans of any kind. If you choose to play irresponsibly and waste this account, that is entirely your decision, but I will not be held accountable for it. Anybody interested in this beauty is free to send me a PM, an email, or add me on Skype or Discord. Contact information can be found below or in my signature. I am available most hours of the day to chat and answer questions.

Skype: cobracarry
Discord: Cobra#1122
Email: [email protected]

Please do not leave your contact information in this thread.

tnemlec;3623593 said:
Bought the warrior, extremely helpful, fast and helped with name change all done within an hour, pretty unbelievable! Legit guy!
Why Prtm;3619043 said:
Sold to me! :) This is my 2nd purchased with him. Always smooth and great person!
Windiestyles;3610349 said:
Bought this from him. Great customer service 10/10 worked with me for about 2 days getting everything sorted etc. Will definitely buy from him again if he has something I want. Thanks for the quick and easy sale man, appreciate it!
quicksr20;3607114 said:
Thanks again for the Pally! I really appreciate how smooth things went. I will have no problem buying more from you in the future. Thanks again!!
4evergam3r;3610684 said:
Bought from Cobracarry. It was a nice easy process. Will definitely buy from them again.
Talaras;3611295 said:
Purchased one character. Cobracarry went above and beyond as we worked together, assisting me at every step. Was upfront about everything, didn't try to swindle and was a quality individual. Will definitely buy from them again and would encourage anyone on the fence.
ajofcn;3612239 said:
Purchased account, excellent seller, painless and helpful, would recommend :)
Hapiguy;3605458 said:
Purchased 600k from cobracarry. Trade was flawless, delivery was nearly instant, A+++++ Best gold buying experience I've had from this site yet, and the price was CHEAP!!! Would absolutely recommend him to any buyers. Thank you!
j3wish;3608321 said:
Just bought this hunter, overall process went smoother than I would've expected. +1, would buy from again.
Why Prtm;3536982 said:
done whitin a minutes!
thx man! great acc!
bouser11;3451654 said:
just bought the druid from cobracarry. Nice guy, trustable, and legit seller. no issues whatsoever.
Sinane;3474746 said:
Bought from him just now. Cobra's a very professional seller and everything went extremely well.
jessec;3626155 said:
great fast seller! very trustworthy!!!!!!
Brennen Scott Boswell;3625907 said:
Purchased shell this guy is legit. A plus service
Neverland82;3627185 said:
Great seller, easy transaction and very helpful guy!

If I ever need anything along these lines again will definitely be back.

Highly recommend
Bobbaloo;3625075 said:
Thanks, quick, easy, and honest.
yvesmps;3630391 said:
Bought the Priest

Price is great -â??â??â??â??â??
Product as it was described -â??â??â??â??â??
Transaction was smooth-â??â??â??â??â??

Thank you and will buy more in he future. ?
Hapiguy;3633098 said:
As always, A +++++++ seller!!
Thanks man!
Will definitely have some fun with the account :)
Leopardly;3653747 said:
Account purchases typically require a great deal of effort, more so than a simple gold purchase, in order for them to be completed successfully for both the buyer and the seller. With that in mind, choosing who you purchase an account from is just as important as picking the account that you want. Taking that into account, there isn't a single doubt in my mind that Charax is the cream of the crop when it comes to these tricky transactions.

The customer service he provided went above and beyond the call of duty in every sense of the phrase. Not only am I extremely satisfied with the account, but I will personally never purchase an account from any one other than Charax.

The internet affords us a certain level of anonimity from one another however when you're dealing with a genuinely good person it makes the purchasing experience that much more enjoyable.

If you're looking to purchase from a genuine seller who will walk you through each step of the process then Charax is your guy. Period.
gnasty11;3637086 said:
Great seller, great, communication, fast and easy.
Highly recommended.
fazeboo69;3629026 said:
Great seller got me my account instantly
Pilch;3639184 said:
Finished trade for this shaman. Quick and easy.
Appreciate the trade, thanks heaps :)
Dynx;3639541 said:
Super helpful and no nonsense. Did exactly what I needed quickly and efficiently, and has been one of the only people to be able to offer the service I was looking for. Would recommend to anyone.
genis09;3639911 said:
Was legit and easy to work with -- great transaction! I would recommend anyone trying to get rid of a wow account to contact him.
jbanana;3640517 said:
Legit, Fast and straight forward! Would deal with again in future thanks a bunch :)
Tuiiut;3643601 said:
I Bought it..
Fast and Nice Seller A+++

I'll buy from him again.
yvesmps;3644027 said:
BOUGHT High End 110 Warlock/ MoP CM / Elite S9, S10, S13, S16, S18 / Wrathful Gladiator /

Thank you for the smooth transaction and reserving the toon for me. trustworthy. I highly recommend Cobracarry.
TheSpark;3637288 said:
Talking to him now. Very professional and courteous!
Suwoopn;3644958 said:
Legit and awesome seller. Smoothest transaction ever!
clyus;3645010 said:
Purchased from Charax - fast and responsive. Great seller +1
slamfist;3641775 said:
Purchased, always a pleasure doing buisness with this seller!
swebka1211;3645013 said:
Just bought the Warlock and the Shaman and omg he was fantastic very quick and easy he explained everything to me! i would highly recommend you guys add him and see for yourself 10/10
theprojekt;3647781 said:
Fantastic guy. Let me know asap when an account came through that I wanted, and sold it to me after showing me proof of what I asked for. Completely legit, you won't find a nicer guy out there. Thanks again!
mastersnipe12;3646389 said:
Have brought account from charax, really great to talk to, know's his business and a general all round great seller! RECOMMENDED FOR FUTURE SALES AND ALL OTHER POTENTIAL BUYERS! A+++
Thunderlips;3650005 said:
First time I bought from him. Was easy and very quick. Will be hitting him up in the near future i'm sure. :gusta:
Leopardly;3653548 said:
Purchased. The seller was not only incredibly helpful in navigating me through the purchasing process but also very straightforward about the costs involved as well as the amount of time I should be expected to wait before everything finalizes. Needless to say it was done faster and even better than expected and the account is a beauty. Thanks again.
Ramified;3655628 said:
Just bought the priest, and it was my first time ever, Charax guided me through everything really well, and the sale was quick and easy. Absolutely 100% recommend, and I'll be buying from him in the future for sure!
Suwoopn;3655631 said:
Flawless transaction, Charax is one of the best!! Can't wait to deal with again
c4run;3656808 said:
Just got an account from him. Very nice guy and easy to work with. Clean and smooth transaction and help. Would def buy from him again if i needed to. +10
Tocsin;3657153 said:
Bought account..everything as stated. was patient with me..a big plus in my book. will use again if the need ever comes up.
raei;3658202 said:
great service, i would highly recommend!
BoobTaco;3658243 said:
I just bought the paladin, this guy is AMAZING and really trustworthy I felt safe every step of the way and the process was very quick ++rep!
druidtank1;3661222 said:
Bought my account, went smooth and fast. Walked me through everything. Fast payment. Will do business with him again! Highly recommended
GilgaCK;3675496 said:
Excellent transaction and really good guy. He was able to boost the character and get both weapons transmogged within a few hours after payment. Definitely recommended if you're interested in this service.

View attachment 47676

Thanks again!
Lfdruid;3663803 said:
Really great seller! Walked me through every step of the way, was very daunting but Charax made it smooth and easy. Thank you very much again!
koawinter;3663834 said:
Really quick and fantastic to work with.
virsta;3674125 said:
great seller / buyer Transaction went smooth. Could not have asked for a better service. Would do it again. 10/10
Kibren;3676231 said:
Purchased this account from Charax. Despite several payment hang-ups on my end, he was patient with me and allowed me to explore other options until I was finally able to find something that worked. The account has everything as promised, and delivery of the account information was immediate. All-in-all a great experience, and he was accessible every step of the way. Would highly recommend working with him for account purchases.
virsta;3674125 said:
great seller / buyer Transaction went smooth. Could not have asked for a better service. Would do it again. 10/10
dodgerblues90;3674168 said:
Super cool dude, very easy to work with. Fast and efficient, would highly recommend for anyone looking to sell or purchase an account. A+
idenmamiri;3678236 said:
Amazing guy. Super reliable and helpful. Middle manned for me and a seller and he walked us through the whole thing. Super trustworthy!
fitzvii;3678237 said:
Charax helped me navigate the sale of my WoW account. He made an offer, but I ended up going with someone else and he ended up being our MM. He was professional, courteous, and very helpful. I definitely recommend him.
player_anonymous;3679068 said:
Bought warrior straight from Charax fast easy and as promised.
Baloort;3679286 said:
sold 892 shaman, very smooth, fast & patience. Answered every question I had and everything went nice.

Would totally recommend to anyone.
ljs102;3679222 said:
Really easy transaction. Great guy to work with. Would definitely do business with again!
Zaino;3680800 said:
Sold account I've had for years, very reasonable offer, quick transaction, A+!
Zaino;3680800 said:
Sold account I've had for years, very reasonable offer, quick transaction, A+!
Ramified;3681280 said:
Charax never fails to disappoint, he provides absolutely amazing customer service, amazing products, and is helpful the whole way through. Whether buying or selling, I won't ever look any further than him!
damnshade;3682706 said:
recommended seller, transaction went real smooth with him
fredalbob;3681896 said:
Speaking with now... Will update.

Update: Was friendly and professional. Sold character for a good price.
Would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell.
damnshade;3684310 said:
got 2nd transaction with him and again, it went real smooth,
I hope this will bring joy to both of us.
smj92;3685533 said:
Sale goes smooth I recommend to anybody! ++++
grynykb;3686110 said:
Went first had no problems. Not pushy at all. Good deal. Payment right after info/id pic was sent. Would do business again 10/10 professional.
chris4321;3686539 said:
Bought this account, I really appreciate it bud for waiting on me! Great seller and easy to work with. Thanks again!
mikecosta;3686776 said:
Great buyer, easy communication. Sold my account within 30min, quick and easy. Nothing to worry about, payment came through fast
Armbender;3687862 said:
Excellent seller! Step by step and very professional. I contacted the him via Skype and was asking him if he can find me an account. Long story short, he did! Also, the name change service was well worth the price. I will buy again.
jamy123;3688661 said:
Bought!, another pleasant transaction. Very good trader.
wx_lightning;3689238 said:
Fast sale, hes quick and efficient. Seems legit

lancelot9999;3689225 said:
account sold, great seller and very helpful would recommend!!
KevBed;3689405 said:
Charax was awesome to work with. Clear communication through out the whole process and couldn't recommend him enough to anyone else thinking about purchasing a high value account.

Had a couple of technical issues but he worked with the GM in order to resolve them for almost immediately. Will most certainly work with him again in the future!
Armbender;3690786 said:
Once again this dude has met my expectation with his professionalism. I got second account from him.
Psybient;3691050 said:
Best guy i've dealt with. Thanks man! Fast/legit/reputable.
descendbot;3691051 said:
Sold an account to him. Quick and smooth transaction. Thanks again
Brick10;3691760 said:
Bought a nice account. Was quick, easy, and very smooth. High remarks!
soujiro101;3691774 said:
I have bought the character and it was a very smooth process.
Charax was very patient with me with my request and preferences and was able to get me this high end account. The transaction was very quick and professional!
ReanimatedKill;3692204 said:
Very good service, helped me out big time. Bought DK and was exactly how I wanted it.
KevBed;3692804 said:
Second transaction I've done with Charax. Even smoother than the first, could not imagine an easier exchange. I will most certainly come back when I'm in need of another high tier account.
Fitz0warcraft;3692875 said:
Bought account !! This guy has some of the nicest accounts I have seen on the market and very reasonable prices. I have bought from him a couple times without issue. Thanks again man for another great deal.

copa10;3694093 said:
Amazing service, very professional, patient and understanding. Would work with him again anytime.
Thugzbunny777;3694096 said:
He stepped me through the entire process, and everything went perfectly. I will definitely be using him again. Thanks a bunch! A+ service
lwhite115;3697739 said:
Just sold my long time account to Charax, and I came away from the experience extremely impressed. He was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful, detailing the whole process while being very open about both things he liked and disliked. Charax gave me what I felt was a very respectable and fair offer.

When I was first contemplating selling my account, I had contacted a seller "Khaccounts," who was extremely rude and unprofessional, souring the idea of selling my account for over a year. After half a year of playing Legion many of my friends had quit the game, and I decided to look into the market once again, this time finding Charax. I initially contacted and he gave me an offer and was completely understanding in that I wanted some time to consider selling, and after some time I approached him again ready to sell.

Charax is the real deal, and anyone considering buying/selling a wow account, I highly recommend speaking with Charax,
Dynx;3697790 said:
Awesome service yet again from Charax. Quick sale, very helpful. Would recommend him to anyone.
Scheideman;3698774 said:
Smooth trade, walked me through the entire process and was quite easy.

Would recommend.
aido1983;3699739 said:
Very professional, patient and helpful. Would recommend to everyone!
Josh abbott;3700293 said:
Charax is without a doubt the most experienced and trustworthy high end account seller in wow!! My transaction was handled efficiently, SAFELY, and most importantly it was a fair price. I am so happy with my new account. (Everything has come as discribed AND it had a little gold on it as well :D - unlike any other seller he spends time with his clients making sure they are happy with their purchase before worrying about his own benefit). Thank you so much charax!!!
sdjivo2010;3700350 said:
Very smooth transaction. Highly recommend buying from him
slamfist;3701268 said:
2nd account I've bought from him. This is the best seller on the website, period. Everything smooth as usual.
itzsteven;3703301 said:
awesome seller, transaction was smooth and easy. Would do business again anytime
Medavo;3703276 said:
Smooth transaction as always hassle free. I can always vouch for Charax proffesionalism to handle all things pertaining to buy sell or trade WoW accounts. You are definitely safe with him. Ten thubs up!
kxvvywxvvy;3704896 said:
Purchased a Priest with Benediction.

Excellent transaction, I couldn't be any happier with the whole process.

Thanks once again!
Aesthete1012;3705914 said:
Sold a character off my primary account everything went smoothly and efficiently. Couldn't be any happier.
bigdumbidiot;3707603 said:
First time buying an account. Helped me immensely, made it super easy to understand. Everything's all done and I have a new character to play with :)
Sigure;3709406 said:
Sold account, he was extremely helpful and patient

Highly recommended to everyone wanting to sell/buy an account, he's the best out there

Thank you Charax!
farrol;3710114 said:
Just bought a High-end account from him, super patient, super easy, fair price. Would buy from him again.
alx84;3714009 said:
Great Person, Great customer service, so helpful Great buyer,Transaction went smooth. Could not have asked for a better service,a 100 percent recommended for anyone who wants to sell or buy accounts

10/10 Flawless service
fushigixd;3714360 said:
Just purchased a really cool account to get back into the game with. Super easy transaction, very professional yet down to earth seller. Thanks a lot. Excited to use the character! 10/10
frostys11;3715873 said:
Really professional service and smooth!!! Greatly recommend this guy if you want to buy accounts safely and have no issues!!
jbaang;3716393 said:
Great seller. Very smooth process and would recommend anyone looking to purchase an account. Don't find many like this guy.
Destrukto;3716555 said:
Just bought a character off Charax, was an amazing experience. He was extremely flexible with me on time, honest and straight to the point. The deal happened very quickly and there was not a single moment where I felt uncomfortable. If you are ever uneasy about buying accounts because of bad past experiences then you should look no more and contact him immediately. I never thought buying a character could go this smooth. Thank you for your flexibility and promptness, even got this all done before our raid which is incredible. Thanks again!
CynDev;3717036 said:
Wow, what can I say? This guy is the real deal. Extremely professional, very through and ensures everything is 100% safe and secure for both parties involved. If you've ever worried your self with buying a WoW account worry no more. I bought an account from him and he went beyond the mark to ensure I got excellent service. Working outside of his business hours and even staying up until the late hours of the morning to finish my transaction.

He's an excellent guy, HIGH HIGH recommended. A+ 5 Stars and I'd even buy him a beer.

It's no wonder you're the number one seller. Again, great service. Extremely happy.
Legitdreamz;3717352 said:
Bought s1-2 pally from this guy. Walked me through everything. Very knowledgeable and knows how to do business.

Thanks again!
illusin003;3722004 said:
Awesome guy, took time out of his day to go over accounts with me and worked with me. Would def buy from again
counblain;3723459 said:
I've currently have bought two different accounts from Charax, and both were super smooth transactions, I am now more then confident that i'll continue to buy from him for as long as hes around! Keep up the good work man! Will recommend to everyone.
112793;3723463 said:
great transaction fast and helpful hoping the account is on point :)
frostys11;3724767 said:
Bought another account from Charax and yet again smooth sale and professional service!
Notoracni;3727449 said:
Never have I ever sold an account, or bought an account. I did not know what went into it, how much time it could take, or anything of the sort. Selling a "big ticket" item like my main, I thought would take some time, but this man got it sold within a week of listing it. Everything went smoothly, and I couldn't be happier. Straight professionalism from him, would highly recommend.
vextria;3727242 said:
Sold him my account, extremely helpful and friendly. Answers all my questions. Never met anyone who does business as smoothly as him. Would recommend.
1-uPxx;3725597 said:
just did business with him! super helpful, patient, and willing to answer any questions i have. A+ this guy is the real deal!
michaelgray61;3728780 said:
I would have never thought selling my own account would be so fast and easy! Charax and I only spoke for a couple days before he found me a buyer! He was very clear and offered me different options about how to go with the process. As soon as a buyer was found the money was sent to me immediately! Couldn't recommend anyone anymore than this guy, absolute top bloke! Will definitely use this guy again.
Onelove83;3730064 said:
Amazing guy and customer support, gets back very quickly A++++
g0rning;3739247 said:
I bought a high-end priest alt off him. The who process was smooth and fast. He's an extremely professional and honest seller. Would recommend to anyone looking for a high-end character who has the money. I will definitely buy from him again in the future.
lizhengyuan1;3740401 said:
Cobra is a good person. I bought a high end mage from him. He is patient.
OJBigs;3741399 said:
The moment I opened chat with him on Skype, I knew he was reliable and someone I could count on for a smooth worry free transaction. I bought an account from him and within minutes I received User/Password and was able to log in to my new account. If I was in the market to buy multiple Accounts I'd be sure to look no farther than Cobracarry(Charax).

In gratitude,
kkloss;3743011 said:
This was my first time doing anything like this and I read all the glowing reviews of Charax and decided to try it out. He was amazing, patient, explained everything to me, helped me out every step of the way and never got frustrated whenever I was a little slow on the uptake or didn't know what to do. I recommend him 100% especially if you are hesitant to get into this because of any fears you might have. He was very professional and I look forward to working with him in the future.
Kreem115;3744791 said:
Great seller - fast, reliable, and straightforward. Good business. Bought an account from him with no hassle.
casperzor;3745015 said:
A+ Dealings with this guy. Bought an account from him and will definately do so again if i need to. Finally a legit guy not on epicnpc :)
Indianmind;3745237 said:
Reliable seller. He will help out even after the sale is completed. Would recommend to whoever is wanting to start playing again.
twopach;3745727 said:
Now, this is was my first time ever dealing with selling a character through wow as i have always been extremely skeptical of fraud. To spare anyone that reads this all the details I am 110% satisfied with him and the way he handled our business. He made the whole transaction about as sketch-free as possible for two random people making a deal over the internet could be. I just want to say that I appreciate the way he handled our business and when I finally decide to quit the game for good I will defiantly be getting ahold of him again to sell my entire account next time. He enjoys what he's doing and is very passionate about his reputation on here. He asked me long before the deal went through to write a review for others, but that was weeks ago and he hasn't pestered me about it since, to which i have respect for that so i am going out of my way to write this review so that anyone that is skeptical about doing business on here in general will understand that if your interested in buying and selling a WoW character (can't recall if he does more than this) he should be your go to guy.

I apologize once more for the lengthy review but find it important when making decisions regarding such transactions.

Thank you Charax
-From you know who :)
MasterShaman93;3745856 said:
Where do I begin? I sold my World of Warcraft account to him with ease. He was able to walk me through the sale, step by step with professionalism and compassion. I have attempted to contact other seller's in the past, but they do NOT even come close to this guy. The level of professionalism is through the roof, Charax/Cobra went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me with my sale. I would ONLY recommend Charax/Cobra, if you're in the market for purchasing or selling any products, talk to him. A++ 10/10 seller/buyer and all around good guy!
violentfemme;3746007 said:
100% Legit. I cannot speak enough about this seller. They were patient with me and answered every single question. Did EXACTLY what they claimed and was there for me throughout the entire process. Honestly ACES. You will not be scammed, you will be pleased. Do not be even worried for a moment with this guy....THANKS SO MUCH
alaboom;3757077 said:
Bought a warrior account from this seller, smooth transaction. Super friendly and professional, will buy again.
geeraf;3757046 said:
bought a sweet rogue of this guy, legit seller and great warranty!
itzsteven;3755332 said:
Bought an extremely high end account from CharaX worth over 7k, the transaction was fast and easy and there was guidance every step of the way. this is my second account i bought from him with zero problems. Great seller and awesome person!
Meltty;3755270 said:
Super attentive and honest. Would advise for my best friend.
Thx for the fast transaction.
primalglad;3754426 said:
Brilliant seller, patient and painless to deal with! Best in the business!
Magi11;3753671 said:
Bought the druid, the account was giving to me instantly!, great guy would buy another account again
Talint21;3753359 said:
Bought my 3rd account from Cobra. He always keeps me coming back for more somehow... Just bought a Mage. Thanks!

929 Mage / 21 Legendaries (ALL BIS ALL SPECS) / 3x CoL / AotC KJ / 4P T20 / Flying
Jefffl;3758222 said:
Everything Exactly as described. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
redredredred;3758771 said:
The reviews don't lie. Smooth, easy, quick transaction 10/10 would recommend. Thank you so much!
Murgy;3763683 said:
Bought a high end DH from this guy. Very easy to deal with. I ended up not enjoying the character, so he assisted me with a resale. Customer service at it's finest, he is now my preferred seller.
Bruchko;3765760 said:
Charax claims *Best in the business* and he isn't kidding. This guy knows how it is done and the transaction is finished in the most efficient manner. Charax worked with getting an account to me late at night and didn't grumble about it at all. You will think the same of this outstanding seller just like I did after you purchase through Charax. 100% satisfaction
roguestatus88;3766111 said:
Bought account, A+++ fast and easy!!
GJSnake27;3773913 said:
Charax is very professional and will take the time to explain everything to make you comfortable, even when you spend hours asking questions there are no negative responses. This was my first time ever to buy an account and so far I am extremely pleased with what I purchased and it was exactly as described! If you are on the fence about buying an account or selling an account speak with Charax. You will not regret it nor waste your time. I will be a repeat customer and will not use anyone else other than Charax!
jamy123;3772039 said:
Thx charax, legit and best guy to deal with.
Dramhoop;3771105 said:
Excellent buyer/seller. Smoothest transaction I've ever experienced with MMO account/character selling. Absolutely would recommend.
Dooridius;3769019 said:
100% Professional and legit seller. Everything was fast and efficient and I was helped throughout the process. Got exactly what I wanted and everything was squared away immediately. Friendly service on top of it all! Will absolutely use the service again given the opportunity and can vouch for anyone interested in buying/selling accounts! :D
Stailookk;3768530 said:
Very professional. Easy and quick transaction.
Looking forward for other transactions =)
dcdansby;3768468 said:
100% Legit Seller. When step by step through the process and completed it quickly! A++++++++++ Will definitely be using this guy again!
GJSnake27;3777587 said:
I know this is only a week apart from my last comment, but I was so satisfied with my first purchase that I came back for another. Charax continues to provide the highest quality accounts with unparalleled service. From this point on I if I ever need another character or account I will do business exclusively with Charax!
remi87;3785058 said:
Great seller, legit and easy going. Would do business with him again A+++
Brotatoez;3785369 said:
Cosigned and advertised my account, and managed to sell it within a day for the price I wanted. Was very polite, easy-going, and smooth throughout the entire process and made things very simple and secure for both me and the buyer. Would highly recommend Charax to anyone who is looking for a middleman, or looking to sell their accounts as he does a great job at what he does. A+++
mrhock;3785370 said:
Legit and fast seller. Easy going and smooth transaction. Will recommend!
veex2115;3786443 said:
Thanks made an easy sale to him!
ReignYell;3788392 said:
Excellent Seller.Made me feel very comfortable about buying the account.He will go above and beyond to help you out and explain everything.Charax is the only one I will trust from now on when it comes to wow accounts.Definitely 100% recommended to anyone buying or selling.
HavinFun;3795269 said:
Excellent transaction, didn't take long and was upfront about everything. A+++
dnawlols;3796490 said:
Dealt with Cobra/charax for awhile, always helpful with any questions even if it's unrelated to his business. Ended up selling him a character and it was a very quick and painless process. Great guy.
disone;3798617 said:
Cobra middlemanned my account sale. Smooth and professional. Thanks
Pilch;3800118 said:
Just purchased another account from Charax. Quick and really easy to deal with. Offers great account security for the top accounts on the market currently.
Thanks again man :)
Roryzzz;3801987 said:
I was skeptical when it comes to buying an account worth 2500 usd but im very happy to let you all know you have no need to worry about security of your money with someone like Charax in the business lets just say if your not buying through Charax your not buying an account the right way top guy always there to help and helped me step by step for the purchasing and account that is of true God tier quality Cobra you sir are a legend

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