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Selling 3 clash royal accounts king tower lv 13 (Meta Deck max lv) (MM is a must)

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I list 3 clash royal accounts below for selling if you buy individually one account in those three ( You must pay the middle man (epicnpc) fees otherwise I wouldn’t sell). If you buy all the 3 at the same time I will cover the middle man (epicnpc) fees and give you a discount for three accounts listing below (all 3 accounts for only 99.99USD) . All the 3 accounts below are secured and warranty for lifetime by me. once you bought, I and the middleman of epicnpc will help you change all the email information and it’s recovery+ All the informations for recovery account in game and email . All transactions are through PayPal.

First account: (Lava baloon / Baloon miner / Lava Flying inferno (all three decks are max lv (14))
KT: lv 13 (14881/80000)
Max Lv Card numbers: 10
Max lv card ready to upgrade numbers: 0
lv 13 card numbers: 2
highest trophie: 7084 (Champion Rank)
additional information: ( I spent 300 USD in top up in this account)
price: 89.99 USD if buy individualy (59.99 USD if buy in bulk)

Second account: (Golem night witch lightning supreme deck max lv deck 7/8 (need 100 more k coins to max the last card ( which is bomber))
KT: lv 13 (9371/80000)
max lv card number: 6/8
ready to upgrade max lv card number: 4
lv 13 card numbers: 3
higest Trophies: 5937
additional infirmation: very strong compettiiv account/ has 3 top 300 ranked title in grand tournament + ( I spent 50$ in this account for royal pass in the last year) ( so the value is worth more than50$)( I reached master tier 3 with this account before the big ranked system change)
price: 59.99 USD if buy individualy (29.99 USD if buy in bulk)

Third account: (Popular x-bow 2.9 deck (old max lv deck) all lv 13)
kT: lv 12 (2796/50000)
max lv card number:1 (the Log)
max lv card ready to upgrade to max lv: 0
lv 13 card (old max Lv) number: 6
higest trophies: 5100 (Master 1 tier)
additional information: This is my tryhard account ( I rush to lv 13 and reach master tier just in 5 months) ( spent 42 $ in royal pass aswell so the price won‘t be cheap if you buy it individualy+ I reached Champion tier with this account be fore the ranked system reset
price 29.99 USD if buy individualy (9.99 USD if buy in bulk)
note: this is a good offer for you guys especially for clash royal account sellers.
for price negotiation contact me on discord: Misera#1903
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