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27X bishop, 60k clean, OG email, 9XXX legion, legacy items & nx

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Member Since September 13, 2023
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level 27x bishop, 60k with ror3
Main has rare IGN
9XXX legion
Can switch between all explorer mages (all nodes maxed)
Have the original email!
Full 22* gear + libbed + 240 sac (almost 250)
5 set pitched boss (6 with heart)
WSE: 8/0/1 (double primed secondary)
1 hlom boss mule / 10 nlomien boss mules (almost all boss mules have arcane weapons)
Have GSE + Misty totem + wondroid heart + dark totems (Some mules also have GSE + dark/gold totems)
Boss fams: 30/30/20 boss | 40/30 ied | large drop/meso | multiple healing fams
multiple perm pets and many NX equips + hairs/face

A/W: $10000 USD (negotiable)
only accepting Venmo/Zelle

DM on discord for more info: ild#7099
Report ip hash: ad91f97c1e8d5b8cb4c4fc
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