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270BR VIP14 18 legendary commanders 2.4m royals


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So figured i spent a bit more than i intended on the game and wish to sell it to get a bit of the cash back , have been a great time playing but work is taking up to much time to continnue at the level i have been playing.
about the account

Kingdom 24
Unlocked ALL royals
Unlocked All tier4 traps
140+ mill power from research alone
ALL commanders except Cersei and Sandor
18.5 legendary commanders
Vip 14 for endless weirwood attempts
2.4million royals evenly spread with a bit more bow
1.5million t3 troops
1,5m wall durability
41,6k of every tier 4 trap

Production, city defense , military expedition and pacification research is all maxed out
researched all formations
talent, equipment , troop formation archives all unlocked at various levels ( to quickly decide gear talents and wich troops + commanders to use when attacking )

Mountain clan (expedition) to Epic
Champion set Epic
storm rage set Epic but 2 Legendarys
Sunspear set Rare
Frost set Rare
Builder set Rare
Maester set Legendary
Huntsman set Rare
Oath set 3 Epic 3 Legendary

won kvk easy and held all castles on both ours and their kingdom the server is very organised if you want to stay there else i have few relocations already
spent 30 000 USD to build this , aswell as ALOT of my time

any questions about this account add me on discord

price for account ; 7000 USD

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