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Selling (25$!) NA Endgame account with 6 SSRs, Jalter, Tamamo (L&C) and welfare SRs

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I'm selling a cheap NA endgame account with several (6) SSRs and a lot of SRs including BB, Passionlips, Heracles and Raikou (L)

[Servants 1]( )
[Servants 2]( )

FC: 692666811

Nerofest cleared to box 35 so there's a lot of mats with 12000 extra petals

Still has over 100 gapples, all free quests cleared to agartha (little left), Birthday set and 8 grails left

LF: Paypal 25$ negotiatable, middle man 50/50
Discord: Entityyy#1641

Also selling a JP starter with 4 SSRs and NP5 Hakirou(? I forgot the name xD) and NP5 Emiya for 10$

[JP Servants]( )
[JP CEs]( )
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