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216 Omni soldier +more


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Selling another one of my accounts this account is not stripped and very decked out any questions or if you need more info look me up on AIM.

216 Omni Soldier

Has 160 Jobe pistol and a Ql 282 type5 in offhand SMG build soldier best pve damage imo.the jobe pistol alone costs over 300m if you can find one to buy.

Armor listed below
Ql 300 commandos chest
Ql 300 commandos sleeve
Ql282 commandos sleeve
ql 240 commandos pants
Azure boots

All highest symbiants that can be gotten into including the rare 100m+ arm symbiant.Yuttos/alien ncu ql 300 alien scope and + energy damage gloves, +energy damage bracers.hhiab,inferno boots etc etc/

Tons of stuff in bank and on alts this char is being sold with everything on it nothing is being removed.value of the items alone on this account if sold off it would be 3-4 billion easy.
Considering you can sell credits to IGE at a average of 189.00 per 1billion credits this is a pretty good deal imo.
also on the account is a 206 agen and other various alts.

Lookin for 235.00 not lookin for any trades I don't care how good the offer might be sorry.

Contact me via Aim pryme331