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SOLD 18.5k HP Belf Paladin - Main tank or OT - Faerlina - Fake name - 199$ only

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Looking for a geared prot paladin for tbc raids? Hop right in wotlk dungeons as tank soon as its out? Look no further!​

Selling Tank bloodelf paladin that is geared for both Main tanking and Off tanking as well as boosting in dungeons.

Located on the most populated pvp server Faerlina!

15k+ Health Self buffed, Uncrittable, Uncrushable, 580sp+ without any consumables (more with equipment suited for off tanking or boosting).

Proffesions: Tailoring + Ench

Exalted with Scryer and all heroics

Main tanking avoidance set
18.5k health with buffs and consumables (while mainteining avoidance cap aswell)
Also have a lot of different items depending on role (off tanking, boosting, mitigation, balanced etc..)
Self buffed image below

geared paladin tank.jpg

Game time active til 19.JULY
Payments: Crypto/paypal

Why buy from me:
5+ years clean conduct on this website
Verified member
100% positive feedback
100% recall free account, full refund if recall happens (guarantee it won't)
Competitive price
Comes with fake name + original email, you will claim full ownership over this account
Lot's of game time, once you purchase enjoy playing instantly!
For more questions or anything that might interest you do not hesitate to private message me here at any time!
Stay safe​
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