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Selling $150-Project QT lv 124 VIP4/SFgirls lv 130

  1. Average
Multiple Games


New member
Multiple Accounts
Selling 150(negotiable) Don't really feel like playing anymore
Both are connected to the same account with a couple other games I tried out.

Paypal Friends and Family(with message)
I'm fine with middleman if you cover

can send an email to [email protected] or I can make a quick discord if need be.
Project qt
-login 623 days
-59/66 characters
-9 awakened characters(almost 10 was working towards Winnie)
-Multiple maxed monster girls
-Multiple resources in both bag and fragments
-11K gems, 29m coins
- Growth Package still intact(another 10k gems)
-Have almost every event animation (minus clara because I wasn't playing then)

com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.11_17.00.57.png com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.11_17.01.10.png com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.11_17.01.25.png com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.13.44.png com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.14.07.png com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.21.27.png com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.21.51.png com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.21.57.png com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.11_17.00.46.png com.ignite.qt_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.35.46.png
SF girls
-45/50 characters
-65.5m coins 20k meteor heart
-Multiple resources to max certain characters(both in room and out)
-Multiple resources to purchase for arena.
-Have a couple playroom sex scenes

com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.11_18.15.23.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.11_18.15.36.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.11_18.15.45.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.11_18.16.06.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.11_18.16.14.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.11_18.16.32.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.00.27.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.01.19.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.18.26.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.41.53.png com.edmgames.sfgirls_Screenshot_2021.10.13_11.46.53.png
ip hash: 1e22f7f9d68817eca229c1