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    Trade guardian questions

    lets say i am the seller and someone else wants to buy a steam account from me with Bitcoin.
    Everything is clear how it works with trade guardian but still have some questions:
    1. Is the money still being transferred if for example the buyer has received the account but decides to not confirm the trade after a XX hours?
    2. What guarentee do i have if for example the buyer does not confirm the trade after receiving it and decides to get it VAC banned within some hours?
    3. Can they open a dispute and is it valid if the buyer is not happy with the account received after the transaction is completed/confirmed?

    This is what came to mind, looking forward to some answers.

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    1) TG holds the payment. If the buyer does not confirm the account delivery, we will review the transaction, collect evidence and release the payment to the correct person.

    2) If the account is VAC banned during this time, again we'll have to investigate to see who is at fault.

    3) If the buyer is not happy with the account, the seller is not obligated to refund. They would only be required to refund if the account was not as advertised.

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