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    Wizard 251/253/294 500$

    Ban Reason: fake sales
    Looking to pass on this wizard to someone that will be playing BDO as I will be quitting.Information251/253/294 Softcap with urugons included and +5 renown scoreLevel 62All yellow accessories and TET Kutum1816 skill points with both rabam skill billion silver in veliaaround 2 bilions in all storage

    Outfits and costumes Lord Red , Canape , Karki

    Pearl Itemssx5 tier 3 pets, x2 tier 1 pets , Tent , tier 3 fairy , a lot of storage and lodging p2w , max weight omax weight on main character and 138 inventory slots and a lot of other little stuff

    asking price :500 $ I am the original owner and Feel free to PM me on discord for questions and all the images related to the account:Fuedez#0961

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    What the ****? You took all the information on my post and put it into yours.



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