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    Nutaku - kamihime project r high level account - 350$

    Kamihime Project R

    Hi all, after a while having fun with Kamihime Project, I decide to retire from the game. I'm selling my main account, but I will keep playing until it's sold.

    Account Contents:

    • 14 SSR Kamihime including Gaia Awakened, Amon Unleash and Amaterasu.
    • 16 SSR eidos including 1* Girimehkala, 1* Fenrir and 2x 4* Tiamat
    • Weapon grid : Wind & Water are completed, Fire & Thunder not completely upgraded, Dark & Light grid are not complete
    • Tickets available : total of 16 gacha pull (15 premi, 1 kami weap tickets)
    • jewels available : 5.9k jewels
    • Items : 141 half elixirs, 720 seeds, 5 draconic eyes
    • Exclusive Excel worksheet to track weapon grid progress

    *All listed amount will be updated since I will keep playing until the account is sold

    *Feature Wind Team - strongest team

    • 5 SSR Titania, Cybele Unleash, Hastur, Gaia, Odin
    • Relic weapons: Joan Attack, Andromeda HP (*Getting Shingen Att weapon)
    • Full burst reach in 4~5 turns.
    • Ragnarok Solo: Easy: Thunder, Water and any Event Ragnarok | Medium: Wind | Hard: Light (require Hraesvelgr helper & Burst Time)
    • Advent event Farming: D'art with double Snatch and Sleipnir can easily clear Ultimate with auto ability attack.
    • Full max level 3* R team for special event missions.


    300 EURO - 350 USD
    also available on for 400 USD (Price difference due to fee)

    Trading Procedure :
    (I prefer bank/Paypal transfer)

    1. Send Money to my Paypal/Bank Account
    2. Confirmed Money Received
    3. Sending Account Login Information (I will give you log in information of the account then you can change email/password by yourself)
    4. Trade Done!

    *I am 100% trustworthy and I promise and abide by that! Any questions just contact me on discord

    More detail:

    more images -->

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