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    Sell endgame kamihime project r account, 18ssr kamihimes or more in the future

    Kamihime Project R

    Currently Rank 100, 18 SSR kamihimes, 126 kamihimes, all SSR souls except Shingen, 35 SSR eidolons, a lot SSR gold weapons, gems, materials and potions.
    5 awakened SSR kamihimes, have Full SSR Fire team and most of the elemental teams can solo ragnarok boss. (screenshot a bit outdated)

    Trading Procedure :

    1. Send Money to my Paypal Account(my brother's one because I don't have).
    2. Confirmed Money Received
    3. I'll Ask for your Email to change the one in my account to.
    4. Confirm Email Changes, WITH NEW password
    5. Trade Done!

    ALL for 400 USD , also accept MYR. 100% guarantee safe, no worries ==

    For questions or interested buyer please contact me on discord add me Ares#2360 or reply me in thread here.
    I will try login everyday to check and update sometimes, thank you.

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