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    Cheap 14 Years of Service | 7 Digit | 8 games | 5 (3 in Stock)

    1+ Games

    Hello! I am selling all my 14 years of service Steam accounts for cheap! Just 5 euro each!

    Example of a SteamID is STEAM_0:1:339UXYZ

    The account are from June 2004 (random dates).

    The account contain between 3-8 games (HL Platinum Pack or just the CS:CZ Pack) and it comes with the original email back when it was created.

    Here you can find an image with proof of account's registration date.

    Also you must add 5$ to the account in order to earn levels and to have access to all the features Steam has.

    If you are interested, the price is just 5 euro for each account, I have 3 in stock at this moment, you can contact me on my Discord : Claudiu#0017

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