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    Selling PSN Account

    Hey Guys - I'm selling my PSN account because I'm trying to get money for a PC. My account includes the following games.

    Fortnite (If you're interested in that, I have a forum on the account specifically)
    Overwatch (Level 232 account, has many skins and a gold gun on McCree)
    COD BO4 Preorder
    Battlefield V Preorder
    COD BO3 (Season Pass + Zombies Chronicals)
    COD WW2 (Season Pass)
    COD IW + MWR
    Battlefield 1 (All DLC Included)
    Destiny 1
    Destiny 2
    Rainbow Six: Siege
    The Division
    Ghost Recon:Wildlands

    My price is negotiable, however I'm looking in the $500's for this PSN account. I accept PayPal and only PayPal.

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