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    ✅PersonalBoost Account Store✅ Big Blizz Bear, t3, Realm First Titles, More!

    High End

    For sale here we have an extremely rare account with loads of unobtainables!

    Big Blizzard Bear (Blizzcon 2008 Mount)1
    Murloc Costume (Blizzcon 2008 Toy)2
    Carved Ogre Idol (Old School TCG Toy)3
    Etheareal Soul Trader (Old School TCG Toy/Vendor)7

    Benediction Appearance6
    t3 Lock all visible pieces (No head)7

    MOP CM priest set
    Demon Hunters Aspect (Old School TCG Toy)4
    18k AP
    6x Realm Firsts (all with titles)5
    Death Demise5
    Obsidian Slayer5
    Magic Seeker5
    Conqueror Of Naxxramas5
    Celestial Defender5
    Grand Crusader5
    110 Warlock On Acc7
    Destro Mage Tower7
    Affli Mage Tower7





    Price: 700 Eur Negotiable

    Selling a SAFE account? Get in touch! We can sell on behalf of you to our wide customer base!
    Looking for PvE/Vanity Characters instead? Contact us!

    「 ↓↓ Click banner below to add us on Skype! ↓↓ 」

    「 ↑↑ Click banner above to add us on Skype! ↑↑ 」

    I am not the original owner of any account I sell, so a lifetime warranty against account recalls is immediately applicable upon purchase within the parameters outlined beforehand. I do not cover reselling, account name change attempts, and account locks or bans of any kind. Buying/Selling accounts is against Blizzard ToS and by engaging in any transaction you are reflecting that you are fully aware of that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mapltu View Post
    I've bought high-ranking Gladiator characters from Personalboost on 3 different occassions. Each of them have been delivered fast and without any issues whatsoever.

    The guy has always been helpful and quick to reply to my messages on Skype.

    Definitely recommend if you're looking for a nice character.

    Quote Originally Posted by younad1 View Post
    I usually don't bother to post feedback whenever i make a purchase, but this guy is something else, perfect communication through all the hours of the day, dont think i waited more than 15 minutes for a response at any time. And worked very fast with no issues at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mads824a View Post
    I contacted PersonalBoost threw skype and we talked and agreed to 1 peice from BMAH (The Dreadnaught Set) He said it would take 4 days and they certainly live up to that. It took them 3 days to get my gloves from the set. Perfect communication. Verbally good and everything just works. They can get anything you want from BMAH or anything else. Accounts, Boost, Mounts etc. You name it they will get it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mapltu View Post
    Contacted Personalboost to buy a R1 Warrior. Sale went fast and smooth - had the character within 10 minutes of sending payment on PayPal. Recommended.

    Quote Originally Posted by SebastianK View Post
    Bought a character from here, great service all around and very communicative and helpful seller. highly recommended.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sluttadin View Post
    Sold one of my chars to them! Fair price and everything went smooth. Recommending them to everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuck90 View Post
    Ordered 3 x T3 (warlock) pieces which are hard to get (Head/Shoulder/Chest). It was completed in about 10-12 Days.
    Whenever i had questions, they were answered the same day via skype.

    Everything went smooth, recommending this guy! +rep

    Last edited by PersonalBoost; 07-30-2018 at 08:14 AM.

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