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    Trying to post ID but it fails

    when i try to post it just fails the post and this is really irritating me

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    Here to help. Just contact me if you have any questions.
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    Please upload your ID with the format that it is asking for! If that fails you can always contact Mike directly. He is very good at assisting people!

    Also, please stop posting boosting threads without verification. You have been warned multiple times now.

    Please remember to read our rules, so that you no longer get infractions.

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    I do NOT have a Skype or Discord! (Watch out for impersonators!) EpicNPC is the best and ONLY way to contact me! I read ALL of your messages and I am sorry if I do not reply, I get hundreds a week! If I DON'T reply, then I am not interested in what you are trying to sell! (Please do not SPAM me)



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