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    Suggestion to EpicNPC

    Increase the default message box size to like 100 please? I know we have to pay to get bigger inbox storage, but that's kind of lame.
    Like are you wanting us to all use discord for DM? Cause I don't trust strangers on Discord, nor do I want to give them my discord or skype or whatever.
    Having bigger inbox would allow you guys to have more hands on our history too. so like we can have a full trade through epicnpc only.. any scams can be detected by mods or something.
    It's just a suggestion, but I hope it comes to reality..

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    We decided on 20 because that should be plenty of space for someone that comes here to buy or sell 1 or 2 items.

    Our lowest upgrade is only $3 for the Epic Member upgrade which increases inbox size to 150 and provides a half dozen other perks. Or even cheaper for 175 credits ($1.40) you can purchase the large inbox (250) from the store.

    If someone plans to be a regular buyer or seller here, I don't think $1.40 is asking too much to support the site. I'm sorry, but we will not be increasing it at this time.

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    Im agree 20 its enough for normal users, if you wanna start selling boost or something you pay "only" 3$ and get alot more space for msg

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