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    [EU]Bnet with WoW, D3, Overwatch, some HotS heroes, some HS cards, cheap


    I'm selling a Bnet account which contains the following:

    • It has WoW (base game + all xpacs except BfA, prepurchase is still available), with no gametime left. It has some mounts, some transmog stuff, it has some goodies... It has one really good geared char ilvl 959, here is the armory link:
    • It has D3 + Reaper of Souls + Rise of the Necromancer pack, it has some lv 70 non-seasonal toons with older builds (leapquake barbarian, lighting archon wizard) that can still be played
    • It has Overwatch, pretty low level and unranked.
    • It has level 143 on Heroes of the Storm, unranked, it has a fair amount of purchased heroes, some interesting skins and mounts...
    • It has some Hearhstone cards, namely it has the Spell Hunter deck ready to play, only that.

    The price for all of that is 40 eur. This is a legitimate offer, the reason of sale is that I want to get into Guild Wars 2 and buy the xpacs. I will provide everything, including security questions and what not, everything is clean. If you want to contact me we will do it preferably on Discord. I am the original owner of the account.


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